These boots were made for walking in the winter.

I am perpetually cold.  I wear a minimum of two layers at any given time for ninety percent of the year.  The other ten percent belongs to the days that are spent vacationing in warmer climes and the two to three weeks a year in Calgary that temperatures actually warrant the removal of a sweater. 

It’s worse in the winter, of course, and my daily schedule of drop-offs and pick-ups does not help matters.  Jake’s kindergarten class lets out at 11:35, but the rest of the school does not break for lunch until 12:00, which means I spend 25 minutes standing in the freezing, windy playground waiting to pick up Mark, only to rush back to the school 55 minutes later.  The chill settles into my body for the remainder of the day.

It’s not like I don’t dress for the weather.  When it comes to winter outerwear, I essentially bypass anything that doesn’t appear to hold up in arctic conditions.  Here’s an example: my coat.  Look at the size of my coat! 

It’s so huge it requires its own area code.  And what’s that on my feet?
Meet my new Sorel boots.  When I think of Sorel boots I think of those gargantuan white moon boots, but someone told me about these and I think they are pretty cute.  The name is especially precious, “Joan of Arctic Boots”.  I was so excited when these arrived – I had ordered online, as is my wont – and when I put them on it was hard to know who enjoyed them more, me or my dog.  That’s Barkley standing fuzzily behind me.  He appeared to think my giant boots were alive, and got busy sniffing and licking them frantically.  
I appear to be using Jedi mind tricks to get him to settle and stop harrassing the boots.
I love these boots and my feet are warmer than they have ever been, but I have one minor complaint: they are heavy.  Last week it was so cold, minus thirty and windy, that I did not walk the dog for four days in a row.  Fortunately he is extraordinarily lazy, so he didn’t seem to mind much, but eventually I had to brave the weather, don my boots, and walk.
Remember back in the day when people would walk briskly and/or jog with those ridiculous ankle and wrist weights, pumping their arms so as to maximize their calorie burn?  It felt like I was wearing ankle weights.  Actually, it felt like I was wearing cement shoes.  Should I ever receive the kiss of death (“You broke my heart, Fredo”) I should avoid wearing these boots.  Now, it has been many, many years since I set foot in a gym, but after a half hour walk with the dog I felt like I had spent that time doing leg presses, or maybe squats.
So if you’re looking to get some shakily tired leg muscles, and you live in the frozen north, perhaps this is the solution?  Plus they are very cute.  Even if my dog thinks they are his new best friends. 


  1. I have the same boots in brown and LOVE them. Made the mistake of walking around the mall in them one day. THAT was a workout in itself pushing around the stroller 🙂

  2. i love ’em.

    i used to live up North (like Nunavut North) and owned the white moon boots you refer to. until i read your description i’d forgotten the cement feeling of them on my feet, but oy! it came flooding back…

    i must’ve had amazing legs those coupla years.

  3. I always giggle throughout your posts. You are so funny.

    Your legs do look pretty darn fit, girl. Keep workin those boots!

  4. I hate you because you are rocking those tights. Kidding I only hate you mildly…kidding *putting down second handful of jelly beans
    I hear ya on the warm before fashion sense. I have to walk a good few blocks to get to work and I don’t care how silly I look because I am warm.

  5. I need those boots!

  6. What’d I tell ya? Clompy clomp. 🙂

  7. Now you will be warmer and get rid of extra calories due to lugging your boots around. I hope you also wear snowpants when you go out in that weather.


    Ps- My word verification is bad me. Funny.

  8. As a mom who also trudges through the snow too and from school come rain, shine, snow and minus 40 degrees, I have long ago left fashion behind and don my coat which has been described as a walking sleeping bag. But warmth overrules style. Which is how you know I’m in my 40’s 🙂

  9. I have the Cate the Great boots by Sorel AND I LOVE THEM. Never in my life have I loved a pair of shoes this much, let alone snow boots.

    I think mine come up higher than yours & I’ve been cranky that all of our snow melted. I’ve never had boots that look cute AND keep my feet warm. They were totally worth the money.

    Men even compliment me on them, which is the weirdest experience.

  10. My favourite thing about big winter coats is nobody can see what you are wearing underneath. I’ve been known to pick up in a pajama top :0) Love your boots, so cute!

  11. I need those boots so I can get your legs. Maybe some really heavy mittens to to pump up my arms.


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