I just want to eat my COOKIE!

How was your weekend?  It has been painfully cold around here – so cold that I gave the boys the warm fleece pajamas that I was saving for Christmas – and so I spent a large part of the weekend pleasantly bustling around the house, baking things and making batch after batch of cookie dough in preparation for holiday baking.
Speaking of cookies, have you seen this video of the CEO of Alberta Health Services, refusing to answer media questions on the grounds that he was too busy eating a cookie?  You can’t make this stuff up.  I think the funniest part is how shrill his voice is when he says “I am interested in eating my COOKIE.”  Good times.  I think I’m going to start responding like that whenever anyone asks me anything.  “I am STILL eating my COOKIE.”  Maybe I’ll shove the cookie in the questioner’s face, just for fun.  Actually, since most people who ask me for things are my children, they probably would appreciate that.  To a kid, eating cookies is serious business.
While I was baking things and running errands and discovering that Lindor now makes PEPPERMINT CHOCOLATES – Mother of God, it is the most amazing discovery since frozen After-Eights – my husband continued his painting rampage that has been going on for the past few months.  This weekend he started painting Mark’s room a deep blue, a nice change from the dull brown colour it has been since before we had kids and that room was an office.  Anyway, he took everything out of Mark’s closet, which is apparently a catch-all for all kinds of things that we forgot we had.  Like a 1980’s version of Trivial Pursuit.
And this is where I say I don’t know why I bought the children any toys for Christmas, because if you give them an extremely outdated version of Trivial Pursuit, they will be occupied for hours.  And no, I am not boasting about my precocious children and their intimate knowledge of Arts and Literature and Geography and how they somehow knew who Phyllis Diller was in the Entertainment category.  No.  I just mean that Jake opened up his very own bakery and made pies all day long.

He made pies like a samurai!  While using the Chutes and Ladders board.

 While Jake was busy force-feeding the rest of the family pie, Mark set up the actual game board and started a complex game using wooly mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, and pirates.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, they also found a giant foam finger from my days as a working girl, as opposed to my days as a household drudge/ bon-bon eating housewife.

This picture is absolutely hilarious to me.  Worth a thousand words, I tell you.

And for those of you in more moderate climes, here is a view out my back door:

It looks pretty, anyway.  Check out one of my gardens!

There are leaves still on the shrubs!  Poor things.

So tell me, how was your weekend?  And do cookies trump serious conversation?  Discuss.


  1. I haven’t heard of the cookie-eating guy but I have a feeling it will take him many years to live that one down.

    It feels ice cold here now. We even had snow and that does not make me happy. There’s a reason I live in Vancouver. Still, the kids loved it, so I will begrudgingly say that we had fun in the snow this weekend.

  2. I think this will become part of albertan pop culture. Right up there with the famous bums and reps comment.
    Insert whining: when will it ever be warm again?
    End whine.

  3. Whoa. Wait. You said that after eights can come in frozen form? SQUEEEEE. Where do I find them?

    We don’t have any snow as of yet in Southern Ontario but it is chilly and rainy. I’d much rather have the snow than cold rain any day!

  4. Is it make-ahead dough you’re making? If it is can you send me the recipe? And I haven’t heard of cookie-eating guy but oh my god I LOVE him. I thought that was going to be what one of your kids said. Together with my friend’s son’s “This is NOT what I was EXPECTING” I think I’m covered in almost any situation now.

  5. “I’m STILL eating my cookie!”

    Wow I just watched the video again. Can’t wait to see what Rick Mercer has to say about it.

    I’m INTerested in eating my COOKIE!”

    Cookie monster redefined!

  6. How embarrassing for the CEO. A cookie is probably more interesting than conversation to a kid, but adults are supposed to be beyond that level!

    The snow is gorgeous! Wish we had some!

  7. BP on a big foam finger, is a lovely metaphor.

    Mr Cookie was v. amusing, but my fave Alberta political gaffe is still Ralph Klein going to a homeless shelter — while drunk — and throwing 20 dollar bills at the residents.

  8. Oops, just realized I did not link to the video. It’s there now! It’s funny! High comedy in the Alberta Health Services.

    Kimberly – I put regular After Eights in the freezer and it is GLORIOUS. GLORIOUS I tell you. Try it. Your life will not be complete otherwise.

    And Happy Geek and Nan – yes. I forgot about those Klein days. GOOD TIMES for the Alberta homeless. Yes indeedy.

  9. The Cookie video will definately be used in media training NOT TO for a long time to come… RMR will be funny indeed.

    I’m in Edmonton and from your pictures you have more snow than we do! Bizarre.

    The After Eights sound great… you might also like to freeze mint Girl Guide Cookies. Yum.

    Love the pie shop idea – especially for a snowy day. Stay warm.

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