Not Typical

With regards to my last post, my insane amount of early morning domestic accomplishments is definitely not typical.  Clearly I was experiencing some sort of crazy nervous energy burst and my only outlet was baking a cake at 7:30 in the morning; not something that occurs regularly. 
Also not typical was the beautiful trip to Tofino, BC that I just got back from.  Tofino is pretty much the polar opposite of where I live, so it was truly an escape.  Other than the occasional overnight trip, I’ve never travelled without the boys, and so I was unprepared for the excess of time in the day.  It was surreal.  No one asked me for anything, no one needed anything from me.  Usually when we travel I do laundry, wash dishes, make snacks and meals, read stories and supervise bathtime.  So it felt very strange – pleasantly strange – to have to do…nothing. 
I slept a lot, walked on the beach,
hung out on the chilly, chilly beach (humidity and my hair are not friends),

warmed up and read a lot (yes, that is O Magazine, DON’T JUDGE ME),

and got all dressed up and went for fancy dinners.

Those fancy, delicious dinners are making tonight’s menu seem pretty sad.
Waking up this morning to the boys climbing into our bed, talking about how much fun they had with their grandparents made the whole trip that much sweeter.


  1. Did you have occasion to wear all four black sweaters?

  2. I took your advice and removed two of the four black sweaters, but I did layer a lot – it was pretty cold!

  3. Glad you had a good time! Now to plan the next trip so your boys can have more fun with the grandparents…

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  5. I’ve alwayscwanted to go to Tofino. It looks awesome. Love your black dress.

  6. That looks like the Wickanninish Inn. Was it? It’s very pretty there. I spent the latter part of my growing up in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and we traveled up to Tofino a few times. Glad it was fun!

  7. Marilyn – yes, it was the Wickaninnish. It was SO beautiful!

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