Conversation at the Breakfast Table

Jake: Is today the day that Grandma is coming for a sleepover?

Me: No, that’s tomorrow.

Both boys, in unison: Awwwwww!

Me: Remember, Mom and Dad are going on Thursday, we’ll be gone all day Friday, then we are coming back on Saturday.

Mark: Can you come back on Sunday instead?

So apparently they are going to be just fine.

I got home from yoga practice at 6:55 this morning, and since that time, in addition to my usual morning routine (shower, breakfasts, get the kids ready, school drop-off) I have also accomplished the following:

Baked a cake.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Cleaned the bathroom.
Done a load of laundry.
Scheduled doctor’s appointment for Jake.
Freaked out.
Called husband and left terse message regarding doctor’s appointment for Jake.
Bought and put away groceries.
Washed fruit and put away in Tupperware containers for easy snacking.
Tidied up basement playroom where, apparently, a toy bomb exploded.

It’s only 10:15 a.m.

With regards to the latter job, last night the boys came upstairs from playing a loud and raucous game in the basement.  Jake informed me that they were playing a game entitled “Thomas’ Big Day”.  “But Mom”, he said, “His big day wasn’t his birthday or anything.  It was the day his engine exploded!”  I see.  That explains the state of the playroom.

So now it’s time to get things packed and, judging from the start of this day, continue on frantically performing semi-unnecessary domestic chores.  Enjoy your week, everyone!


  1. I need a nap just reading that list. I’ve been up since 7 AM. I’ve made & drank coffee. The. End.

  2. I cried in the shower, bought and put away groceries and ate cheetos, which I don’t even like. Happy trip.

  3. Wow – with that list, you must have been moving at warp speed! You’re going to need some time to recover. Have fun on vacation!

  4. You’re like Superwoman. Before 10am today, I dressed the kids and fed them. The end. This may be the reason that nothing gets done here. Hope your trip away is fab.

  5. That’s a pretty impressive morning.

    Have a great trip.


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