It’s quiet. A little TOO quiet.

Today was the big day. Not back to school – that was last week. Today was the day we were slated to get the hardwood installed. It was no mean feat getting ready for the installation, given that we were out of town for the long weekend. All moveable items were moved, all clothing, toys, and breakable items stashed in the basement. Then this morning we got the phone call that they were delayed and wouldn’t start until tomorrow.


I was under the expectation that I would drop the boys off – Jake’s first full morning of kindergarten after last week’s frantic pace of staggered entry – and then I would come home to chaos and noise and instead it is so very quiet. Even the dog is still at the kennel. I’m lonely. And I’m also unable to find anything, and I keep bumping into things.

This is the view of my office right now. Halp.

We were in Saskatchewan this weekend, visiting with my grandparents. My grandfather turned 96 on Saturday, which is quite a feat, I think. Last year there was a huge family reunion for his 95th birthday, which was initially supposed to be somewhat of a surprise party, much to my strong disapproval. Who thinks that a surprise party is a good idea for a 95 year old man? NOT ME. Anyway, at the reunion last year I had the sad feeling that it would be the last time I would see my grandfather – he was not doing particularly well and, in any case, he was 95. One does not buy green bananas when one is 95. But here he is! He looked great and was in good spirits and I was very happy we had made the trip. Plus my grandma made a scrumptious lemon poppyseed chiffon cake, of which I ate slice after slice.

One thing about travelling with kids is that it can be exhausting. We stayed in a hotel and so the kids were WIRED and no one was sleeping particularly well, with the obvious result that we were all a bit crabby when we started the two hour drive to the airport yesterday morning. A mere ten minutes into the drive, Jake morphed into a surly little goblin, “This is taking FOREVER. When are we going to be HOME? I’M NOT TIRED. I JUST WANT TO GO HOME. THIS CAR IS MAKING ME HOMESICK.” We listened to this diatribe many, many times. I stared out the window at the unvarying landscape of flooded fields and pumpjacks, all the while thinking “I can see for miles and miles. I can see for miles and miles. I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles.”

So how was your long weekend? I’m feeling kind of blah today, tell me something good?


  1. I LOVE this: “One does not buy green bananas when one is 95.”

    Something good, hm. Oh! My son’s orthodontic appliance broke, but it waited until the morning AFTER the long weekend to do it!

    Also, we have two kinds of Pepperidge Farm cookies in the house!

  2. I have a new dr. That is something good. AND we sign off today on our new adventure. PLUS, the sun, she remembered to Shine!!!!

  3. Well…it is sunny, plus it is a short week. But I know what you mean. I miss my girls! Sam and I are having fun, but it just doesn’t seem the same. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to have a whole empty house for hours.

  4. I went to Mt-Tremblant with a group of girlfriends.

  5. I was in Calgary this weekend for my sister’s wedding. The trip went really well, my sister is married, there was only 30 minutes of screaming on the plane. Traveling with kids is ridiculous.

  6. The disruption to your life must be stressful, but the floors will be so beautiful once they’re done!

    I’m feeling blah, too, so I’ve got nothing good to share. Tomorrow will be better.

  7. We camped on a farm this weekend and the rooster crowed from 5am to 9am. Next time we are staying in a hotel. The good news is we came home one day early!

  8. I too loved the green bananas line. 96!

    Something good? I imagined Jake and MY youngest riding in a car together, crabbing, and burst out laughing. Nice way to start my morning!

  9. Happy Birthday to your grandfather.

    I am still wearing sandals. That’s good news. Unfortunately, my toes are cold. Hmmm. Good news. I am eating watermelon, right now. Yummy, tasty, summery watermelon.


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