Hey, check out the guy who’s FIVE.

Those were his first words to me this morning. I should teach him the old “What has two thumbs and is FIVE today? This guy!”

We baked cookies to take to his class yesterday. They turned out not too bad, considering I was frosting them and Jake was in charge of sprinkles.

I wrote about my labour stories last year, here here and here, so if you’re interested in labour stories, click on the links. Or, I can sum it up for you: I was crazy and cried a lot (unlike every single other blog post I have ever written), I had the world’s least engaged labour and delivery nurse, and my husband complained of being tired. During my labour. Uh huh.

Wow, you’re huge! That’s what I heard for approximately 5 months of my pregnancy.

Look at his squishy little face! Awww! He essentially didn’t wake up for our entire 24 hour hospital stay, even while being bathed, spurring our nurse to tell me how lucky I was to have such a mellow baby, which ended up being the falsest sentence ever uttered.

Mark gave him a Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, after which Jake stated that this was the best birthday ever!

I baked – and decorated – this cake and I think it turned out pretty well, considering my lack of talent and all. I didn’t even cry while decorating this, which is a first.

What has two thumbs and a brand new five year old? This girl!


  1. Aww, happy birthday to your little man!

  2. Happy Birthday. Five does come fast. Is he tall?


  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Five year old! I love the cake and the hospital pic is precious.

  4. Happy birthday! I love the photo of you and him in the hospital. It is so sweet.

    You’re lucky to be able to take cookies to his class! We have two birthdays this week, and it’s a new countywide policy to ban all food from schools (with the exception of lunch). We even have to pay $175 for the kindergarten snack.

  5. Oh SO awesome. Love the cake — so non-Loblaws.

  6. How wonderful that people point how how “huge” pregnant women are. I know I just loved to hear that myself.

    Happy Birthday to the big five year old.

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