Feed a Cold

One of the first things that happens to me when I am not feeling well is I lose my appetite.  The less I eat the worse I feel, and then the less I feel like eating, so it’s a weird downward spiral.  This morning I woke up feeling worse than ever, and after a walk with Mark and the dog that seemed to be the death of me, I realized I was kind of hungry.  I wanted Kraft Dinner.  I haven’t eaten Kraft Dinner in many years, and obviously we didn’t have any in the house, but seriously, I would have performed any number of indecent acts for a bowl of KD.  Finally I gave up the ghost and realized that an acceptable substitute would be a grilled cheese sandwich, given that I had bread and cheese in the fridge, and after that I pretty much mowed my way through the kitchen.  I found things I didn’t even really know we had – Hey!  Tortilla chips!  Wow!  Cookies and cream ice cream! – and after that nutritional burst I felt immediately well and strong.  I marvelled at this, thinking that maybe I had just invented the world’s greatest cold remedy – eating – but then I remembered the old adage “Feed a cold” and felt startlingly unoriginal.
I kept saying to my husband, “I can’t believe how great I feel, from eating!” over and over.  “Really.” he said, then left to go golfing, but not before snapping this picture
I thought maybe I would have a nap, something I never do, and in the end it never happened.  Jake, who was also not feeling well, decided he was tired and wanted to lay on the couch with me, and then he proceeded to effusively hug me every couple of minutes.  You can’t buy that kind of attention.  Unfortunately he also kept accidentally elbowing me in the face and pulling my hair, so it was less than relaxing.  Mark just kept up a steady stream of one-sided conversation, before going to draw me a couple dozen pictures to cheer me up – which they did, of course – but he kept bringing them and shoving them right in my face to show me.  I enjoyed about five minutes of silence before Mark annouced that he had brought up all the painting supplies but not to worry, he could prepare the palette all by himself.  Nothing gets a person off the couch faster than the thought of a six year old painting unsupervised.
The very unfortunate part of today was that it was unseasonably warm, possibly one of the best days of the year, and other than my strenuous two block walk, I spent it inside.  However, now that I have abandoned my diet of cinnamon tea, cereal, and Sudafed for a heartier one, I really am on the mend. 
Since I am stuck on the couch I will live vicariously through you all.  What are you doing on this lovely weekend?


  1. mmm. KD. i too am kinda sick and fighting a cold…but Dave spent the day cooking a turkey dinner and while i could’ve eaten his head off for leaving me to fend for myself with the children while he sequestered himself in the kitchen, it was really good.

    i can always tell the difference btwn me having just a cold and being really sick b/c with a cold, i eat like a piggy.

    hope you feel better soon.

  2. Funny that you were craving Kraft dinner. Grilled cheese, tortilla chips, and cookies always make me feel better, too! (Even when I’m not sick!)

  3. I had the MOST fun weekend – and my husband made me the best grilled cheese sandwich ever during it, as a strange aside.

    Are you feeling better?

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