T-9 to the Big K

I have been fielding the following two questions of late: 1) Aren’t you SAD that your BABY is starting kindergarten?, and 2) Can you BELIEVE your BABY is in kindergarten?

Now first, I am not sad that Jake is starting kindergarten. In fact, I’m a bit worried that I’m not sad that Jake is starting kindergarten. I’m emotional about everything, so I don’t understand why I’m not more emotional about this. I was more emotional about a salesgirl telling me recently that grey washes me out; my drawers full of cozy grey sweaters are making me feel suddenly pallid and nostalgic. What is wrong with me? Am I broken? I wonder if I’m repressing something and that I’m going to end up one of those mothers curled up in the corner by the sandtable on the first day of school, sobbing. I HOPE not. In fact, my general feeling about school starting in one week Thursday is squee! The kids are going back to school! I’m going to miss them, certainly, the house is going to feel empty, but I am really looking forward to getting back into the routine.

One thing I’m also really looking forward to? Solo grocery shopping. I’m getting kind of tired of herding them through the aisles, remonstrating with them not to run and then scolding them for running and, inevitably, knocking into one of the more grumpy and elderly members of our community who will subsequently make a sour remark about my ill-behaved hooligans. The other day the boys spent an afternoon at my mother’s and I took the opportunity to go to Superstore. I felt so glamourous, like I was this fabulous woman of the world, strolling through the cereal aisle and blocking out the shrieking of children being pushed in carts by haggard looking mothers.

One thing I’m not looking forward to? The inevitable onslaught of illnesses. Hoo boy, just thinking about all the squeamy germs just made me shudder like the Howard Hughes I am. Also, I am not looking forward to the certain exhaustion and subsequent crabbiness of children going back to school.

And yes, it is hard to believe that Jake is going to kindergarten. Frankly, it’s hard to believe the summer is over, so YES, time flies, the cat’s in the cradle, pages are flying off the cartoon calendar, etc., etc. Mostly I feel excited and happy, but I’ll keep you posted if I find myself weeping, in the fetal position, snuggling with one of his newborn sleepers. It could happen.


  1. I hope you don’t find yourself hugging one of his sleepers. Although that image is rather funny and if you DO find yourself doing that could you get your husband to take a picture?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself slightly weepy on the day of, but I can see how having kids in kindergarten is totally squee worthy. I’m looking forward to it. Only three years to go!

  2. I love the routine of fall. And grey sweaters too. Happy grocery shopping next week!

  3. Screw the gray-bashing lady. And you are under no obligation to feel sad about your baby starting school. I love getting back into the fall routine, but then I invariably get depressed for absolutely no good reason — I have trouble with transitions, even good ones. Enjoy your two and a half hours of freedom (or whatever — ours was two and a half hours).

  4. I bet Jake is super excited to start kindergarten. And it’s hard to feel sad when your kid is so dang happy.

    My Millie is bouncing-off-the-walls happy about starting kindergarten. So Ii can’t help but push aside my feelings to enjoy her excitement.

    It is only kindergarten, right?? It’s not as if they’re moving out of the house!

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