I want a jungle room!

I woke up this morning thinking that I was supposed to remember something about today when it occurred to me: it’s the 33rd anniversary of Elvis’ death. Festive! I love fat Elvis, and not just for his music. It takes a certain something something to be able to rock out a sparkly jumpsuit.

And capes! Wearing a cape when one is not, arguably, a superhero, really sends a message to the general public. A cape, I think, really escalates an outfit, especially one of the jumpsuit variety.

In general I love singing soulful and impassioned renditions of such musical masterpieces of Suspicious Minds and Kentucky Rain, and I felt that my performance would probably be greatly enhanced by playing the actual music, so I ran out to the car to find my most-loved Elvis CD. To find it, I had to dig through CDs by the following artists: Neil Diamond, Blue Rodeo, Kanye West, James Taylor, Eminem, Jay-Z, Gordon Lightfoot, Barenaked Ladies, and Hall and Oates. Rounding out the weird factor was a mixed CD called Pure Disco and the Starsky and Hutch soundtrack. I looked at those CDs for a minute and thought of arranging and photographing them for some kind of modern art piece, entitled, maybe, Study of Really Strange Mind Songs.

As an aside, I was at a pool today speaking with a lovely mother who mentioned that she had held a karaoke party and I was instantly filled with envy. Karaoke! I am AWESOME at karaoke! I want to go to a karaoke party. Of course, my 9:00 bedtime is generally unsociable and tends to preclude such events.

Anyway, I was indulging in the housewifely task of floor washing and singing, and as I passionately accompanied Elvis (“Maybe IIIII didn’t treat yooouuu…quite as good as I should have DUM DUM DUM! Maybe IIIIII didn’t LOVE YOU…quite as often as I should have…”) Mark quietly stole over to the CD player and stealthily ejected it. When I asked him about it, he said “I just kind of think that it was OVER, Mom.” Huh. That says a lot, really.


  1. I was singing the Double Rainbow song the other day and my song told me I should go outside, and that I could sing it out there (while he stayed inside). Kids have no taste.

    Maybe you should hold a Karaoke brunch.

  2. Capes! Sparkly jump suits! Love it all.

  3. It sounds like Mark has very good taste.

  4. How did he react to a brutal clubbing with a wet mop?

  5. Maybe it wasn’t a comment about Elvis.


  6. How funny!

    I love Elvis, too. Partly in a serious way and partly in awe of the size of his character. The best EVER Elvis song (yes, there are many) is “Santa Claus is Back in Town.” I knew it was fate that I should marry my husband because he has a 1960 black Cadillac (just like in the song!).

    We actually bought a tree from Historic Trees that was grown from one of the pin oaks lining Elvis’ driveway at Graceland.

    OK, this post is giving the wrong impression. I am not an Elvis fanatic, but there is something so fun about his music.

  7. Mrs. Mayhem: Santa Claus is Back in Town is a GREAT Xmas song! Even better than Blue Christmas!

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