Home Renos Part One: I do not do well with chaos.

Look what was delivered to my living room on Friday!

Not a six year old. Not a dog. It’s 3200 pounds of hardwood!

I’m very, very pleased to be replacing our carpet. No matter how many times the carpet had been cleaned, it still looked pretty gross, given the abuse it has taken; two kids and a dog will do that. There was that time the dog ate potting soil and then barfed all over it, the times the kids had the stomach flu and were too small to make it to the bathroom in time, the many, many potty accidents from both dog AND children…not to mention the amount of dirt and dust tracked in constantly.

However, our house is resembling a disaster zone right now, and the installers have not even begun, and will not begin for another nine days. My husband, as I write this, is painting the walls behind the piano, which will be inaccessible once the hardwood is in and the piano moved. This is what the living room looks like.

And the front hall:

Notice that there is no room to move? This does not bode well for my long-suffering baby toe.

Friday morning was the expected delivery time for the wood, and so I rushed through my shower/getting ready routine, having already had the less than optimal experience of having delivery people arrive early. I have, unfortunately, answered the door a number of times in my robe and with wet hair, which is somewhat awkward and gives me the creepy feeling of being a specific type of bored housewife in a specific type of adult movie. Wanting to avoid that I was out of the shower and dressed much earlier than usual, and then of course the delivery guy was running late and showed up after lunch.

He was in his early twenties, and I would consider him attractive if I actually found guys in their twenties attractive – which I do not, I prefer men who are a bit aged, like my very handsome and beloved husband. However, I still felt a bit on the creepy side because the boys were somewhat fascinated by him carrying in forty boxes that were six feet long and about eighty pounds each. He carried them in, one by one, on his shoulder, bounding up our front steps. It was a bit amazing, really, and Mark commented on his evident strength, to which he answered, “Well, it saves me on a gym membership” and winked at me. Awkward. Maybe I am giving off some kind of bored housewife vibe? I HOPE not.
I can’t wait to have the house back to normal. Of course, with all the flooring, then the painting, and baseboards, and trim, we have a goal to be finished before Christmas. Christmas! I’m just going to be happy to be able to move around the living room without dislocating my toe. Again.


  1. We redid our floors in our old house. The chaos was non-stop. It will get might ridiculous before it gets better. You might want to wear shoes.

  2. Mrs.Mayhem says

    How exciting! I love hardwood, and you will, too! Not to mention the super easy puke and pee cleanup!

    One word of advice: invest in earplugs ’cause it’s gonna get noisy 🙂

  3. It’s gonna be so PRETTY when it’s all done. Are you gonna pet your floor? Because I would totally be tempted.

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