E-evil Children!

It’s been a weird few days at my house; for example, yesterday it appeared that my children were auditioning for the role of worst children ever. Well, maybe not the worst children ever, I mean, they were not setting the house on fire or stealing the minivan for a joyride, but they were crabby and irritable all day. It was one of those days that I had actually set everything aside to just play with and enjoy them, and it turned out that they were just evil, and I felt kind of resentful in a “What is the matter with you, you ungrateful bastards” kind of way. Every single thing ended up in an argument, or tears, or very vocal unhappiness. I was ready to call it a day and start the bedtime ritual, but it was only 2:00 in the afternoon, so the day wore on. They did end up going to bed early and then slept for a solid hour longer than normal, waking up as their normal cheery selves, so perhaps that explains things.

I remember when the kids were small and they would have days of supreme irritability, and I would think that maybe they just had some kind of psychotic personality change, and then the following day they would come down with fevers or a cough, and I would feel badly that I wasn’t more patient. The children weren’t evil, they were just getting sick. So in that vein, I suppose that yesterday the children were not possessed by the devil, they were just tired.

So today, well rested, we headed out to the Market Collective where my friend was selling his fabulous bread. Remember him? He and his lovely girlfriend are back from their international jet-setting, bread baking, and filmmaking which is fantastic for me, but maybe less fantastic for my ability to zip my jeans, since I rapidly consumed five slices of sourdough in a row. My husband was slightly suspicious – “Market Collective sounds so socialist. Can’t they just call it a market?” – but it was very fun and filled with lovely arty things. Also there were two giant boxes filled with sand and sand toys, which the boys immediately began to dig in, and which I later learned was an art installation. That made me somewhat uncomfortable – are kids allowed to play with the installations? – but no one complained, so I guess that was okay.

Despite the fact that I told my husband that going to a collective would now qualify him as a hippie, he also seems to be his normal self, which is good, as he has gone on record to say that every single thing wrong with society today can be tied to what he refers to as the hippie generation. Or those damn hippies. Lately I’ve been seeing all these posts about being a hippie mama, and what that entails, and how to tell if you are one. My very strong feeling is that LABELS ARE VERY WRONG AND ARE DIVISIVE, NOT INCLUSIVE. Also, sadly, I like wearing makeup and shaving and waxing too much to be included in the hippie mama culture.

Do you ever label yourself? I find my own personal parenting style is made up of numerous types of parenting styles, and I like it that way. Of course, as I write this, my children are playing a game which entails them taking turns soaking their heads in the bathroom sink, then playing air guitar in front of my full-length mirror, despite the fact that there is no music actually playing right now, so what do I know, really, except that things seem to be happily back to normal.


  1. I hear ya. My husband was in China for a week, during which my kids and I were happy and in love with each other. Now he’s been back for about twenty-four hours and, right on schedule, my kids are suddenly INCREDIBLY ANNOYING and I’ve retreated to my room and rejected all my parental responsibilities and demanded chocolate. I’m not evil, I’m just tired. Right? And the only mothering label I’ve ever heard that could remotely apply to me is ‘slummy mommy’.

  2. Oh how I enjoy your posts. I especially like the “ungrateful bastards” line. I enjoy being an eclectic mommy. I like too many different things to commit to one label. For instance, I like to drink wine while I sew. Have a great weekend.

  3. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one who has had the term “ungrateful bastards” flit through my mind while thinking of my kids. I’ve also thought of them as “the vultures” because of the way the can decimate the amount of food in our house.

  4. A game involving soaking your head in the bathroom sink sounds messy.

    I’m too many things to be labeled by one. Half of the time I don’t even know what I am. It’s impossible to put a category on me.

  5. I am label-less and good with that. Happy to hear your kids are back to their cheery selves. I love the fact they were playing in the art installation. Making it better no doubt.


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