Talk me down, baby.

So it seems like a LOT of us like the Canadian boys! This is a point of national pride! Thanks for all the comments, I absolutely loved them. They reminded me of the many, many crushes I had in my long-vanquished youth: Judd Nelson, Michael Hutchence, Mark Wahlberg, Han Solo. Check, check, check, CHECK. Speaking of Michael Hutchence, in my days as an INXS fan, I would listen to Need You Tonight incessantly, and my mother was always completely repelled by it. “For God’s sake, Nicole,” she would say as I would rewind the cassette in the car, “What kind of PERSON says ‘You make me sweat’? That’s disgusting.” “Oh MOTHER” I would reply impatiently, “You just don’t GET IT.” This I would say while tightly rolling up my acid washed jeans and tossing my spiral permed hair, just to solidify my position as a sophisticated woman of the world.

So how was your weekend? Please tell me you did something exciting, because this was the highlight of mine: getting the carpets cleaned. Last week I was in despair about our filthy and disgusting carpet, and I just could not live another minute with our filthy and disgusting carpet, and so the carpet cleaner came and our carpet does not look significantly different, leaving me to the disheartening conclusion that our carpet’s life is at its end. We have lived in this house for ten years and have done many, many renovations. When we purchased this house it had a) a main floor that had been painted Pepto Bismol pink, which clashed jarringly with the rust coloured rock fireplace, b) trim and doors that had been painted a shiny, dark forest green, c) a kitchen with five different patterns of wallpaper and homemade cupboards that were constantly getting stuck and jammed, and d) a bathroom with dark brown fixtures. Classy! So we have done a lot of renovations, and now it looks like we are going to get rid of our carpet altogether and I am NOT looking forward to the upheaval. I become horribly crabby when the house is in more chaos than usual. I’m tense just thinking about it. I AM looking forward to not having filthy, disgusting carpet, however, so I’m trying to look at the big picture, rather than the (hopefully) 48 hour picture.

The filthy, disgusting carpet is not being helped by the fact that it’s raining and cold, again, and the dog is lending a lovely wet-dog aroma to the house in addition to his wet paw prints. Last January, when I was feeling particularly down, I came up with the brilliant idea to paint our living room blue! And the kitchen orange! Such happy colours, no one could be sad with a blue and orange house! My husband was fairly silent on the subject, cognizant of my distaste for chaos and confident that I would eventually come to the conclusion that I would rather live with taupe and butter yellow than tape up the cupboards, cover all the furniture, wash the walls, and paint. He was right. But with all the rain right now I’m starting to feel like blue might not be such a bad idea…no. NO. Someone talk me down off my rainy weather ledge, please, before I do something drastic. Like paint my kitchen orange.


  1. I think an orange kitchen would be LOVELY, but the work, not so much. And then, you’d probably have to paint it before you sold it because homebuyers are big fans of the beige. PLUS, it’s going to get nice (so I hope) and who wants to paint when it is actually sunny?

  2. Do it, do it, do it! I love painting…it is very relaxing. Besides, orange is an awesome colour!

  3. An orange kitchen reminds me of the orange and lime green kitchen we had as a kid. Of course that was the early 80s so I guess we can give my parents a pass.

    My weekend was so jam packed with stuff I need the week to recuperate. Although I didn’t do anything nearly as exciting as getting the carpets cleaned.

  4. I am finally getting my blue and yellow house and it makes me really happy. Yah for new carpets. We so need new flooring. Can I suggest anything other than carpet as a replacement.


  5. Mrs.Mayhem says

    Every time you mention the cold and the rain, I am so jealous. It’s been hot & sunny here for an eternity! Wish we would get more rain.

    Our master bedroom has been white for 7 years, and I’m finally mustering up the energy to paint it. Painting stinks, doesn’t it? All that precision that is required. yuck!

  6. I like a lime and white combination for my kitchen. it looks so fresh and bright.


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