Hey, did you hear Michael Jackson died?

I know. Shocking isn’t it?

Kidding, of course, I’m not THAT out of touch – you’re out of touch, I’m out of time, but I’m out of my head when you’re not around – but I do find it very difficult to relate to people I saw interviewed on the anniversary of his death, whenever that was. I saw tearful people confessing that they had a hard time accepting it, that they had to move on but sometimes it’s just hard to get out of bed, and I thought, really? I just cannot relate to that at all. I mean, perhaps if someone very close to me had died, but Michael Jackson? I mean, I like to car dance to Billie Jean as much as the next person, but I cannot really say that celebrity deaths affect me in a particularly emotional way. Or any way, really. Usually, when I hear a celebrity died I either immediately assume it’s due to a drug overdose, or I am confused because I thought that person already passed away (i.e., my thoughts on Dennis Hopper’s death).

However, MJ’s death (can I call him MJ? I’m not even really a fan) did mean that there is one less celebrity alive who I actually recognize. I was at the hair salon today, getting my inch of grey roots covered (“The hair is actually white, not grey” my stylist informed me) and of course I read that hair salon staple, People magazine. I would guess that at least ninety percent of the people in People are, at best, vaguely recognized by me. The other ten percent comprise people I recognize, but somewhat wish I didn’t, i.e. Mel Gibson. How’s THAT for a nutjob? I heard the transcript from one of his infamous phone calls on the news and I could barely understand it, so bleeped out was the conversation. It was like watching an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the bleeps so numerous I actually was not able to get the gist of the conversation, such as it was, except that it rated pretty high in the crazy and angry category.

Speaking of celebrities: apparently there’s a baseball player named Corey Hart? When I saw that, at first I was confused: are people listening to Corey Hart again? Perhaps I should look out my Boy in the Box record. Ah, but it’s someone else. Not the Corey Hart whose glossy face lined my rosebud papered bedroom in the eighties. Canadian girls who were teenagers in the eighties: I just heard that Corey Hart married Mitsou! Remember her? I thought he was supposed to marry me. Along with Corey, I also had well-within-wedlock fantasies about Tom Hooper from the Grapes of Wrath and, just to round out the musical Canadiana, Jim Cuddy!

Alert! Gratuitous photo of me and Jim Cuddy, twenty years after crush was first established.

If you are thinking that you’ve seen this photo before and that maybe I should give it a rest: join the club founded and chaired by my husband.

Another crush of my youth, strangely enough, was the long-dead Jim Morrison. Remember Denis Leary’s bit about the Doors movie? “I’m drunk, I’m nobody, I’m drunk, I’m famous, I’m drunk, I’m f***ing dead. Big fat dead guy in the bathtub, there’s your title.” Thank goodness I got over my thing for troubled, alcoholic, tortured artists, in order to marry my non-alcoholic, non-tortured, although long-suffering husband. It’s MAGICAL being married to me!

So here’s the question for you: who did you have a crush on in your youth? Do you still find said crushes attractive?


  1. Cheryl S says

    I loved George Michael. Actually, I still do. My husband bought me tickets to his concert 2 years ago in Vancouver and I screamed like a 13 year old the whole time!!! *sigh*
    Saddest day: finding out he was gay. Gay? What does that mean? Really? Seriously? Oh. Ok then.

  2. I let my People magazine subscription lapse (YES I HAD A SUBSCRIPTION, SO WHAT???) because I didn’t really know anyone except from People magazine articles about them. (But then I resubscribed when Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey broke up because OMG HOW DID I LET MY SUBSCRIPTION LAPSE??)

  3. Oh, and to answer the actual QUESTION, I liked Kirk Cameron, Michael J. Fox—really any boy who was the crush magnet on a family sitcom.

  4. Kirk Cameron for sure. ROB Lowe.

  5. Bart Connor

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey Nicole!! (it’s Tracy here – too lazy to create acct) hahaha!! Love your blog!! My crush was Randy – the dark haired guy from Emergency…remember him?

  7. Trevor Linden from the Vancouver Canucks. The only year I actually watched hockey on tv.

  8. Anonymous says

    Hey Nicole,

    Its Tara here – I too, do not have an account, so I’m anonymous!

    Mine was Judd Nelson (John Bender) from the breakfast club… I LOVED HIM!

    “I wanna be just like you. I figure all I need, is a lobotomy and some tights.”

    He was such a bad ass…

  9. Anonymous says

    It’s Lizette…biggest crush…hmmm. Chris Isaak, it is still actually. And McSteamy from Grey’s…

  10. I had so many crushes over the years that it’s hard to remember them all. Yes it was that bad. The first serious celebrity crush that I can remember was Jack Lord from Hawaii Five-O. I still think he’s sexy in that show.

    OH! And Han Solo (not Harrison Ford mind you, Han Solo). And R2D2. Yes I really crushed on him. I still do.

  11. I had a huge teenage crush on River Phoenix. And while he sadly is no longer here (as we all know) I also don’t have to face that he aged. He’ll always be that cute teen.

  12. I had to Google it, but apparently Corey Hart is not married to Mitsou. He’s married to some other French Canadian singer, though, and they have 4 children. So, there you have it. Either way, he’s off the market, to my great sadness.

    My teen crush, though, really, was Roch Voisine. As an anglophone from BC this made me feel very CULTURED. He sings in FRENCH, yo. I couldn’t even understand what he was saying, but I lurved him anyway.

  13. I forgot about Roch Voisine. I also like Corey Hart, Mark Holmes from Platinum Blonde and Alan Frew from Glass Tiger. Talk about Canadian boys.


  14. I was a huge New Kids on the Block fan. I don’t mind saying it. My favourite was Donnie Whalberg. He is still hot. As is his brother Mark.

    I had a major fetish for Michael Hutchence from INXS, especially in the video for “I Need You Tonight”.

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