Almost Wordless Wednesday

I tend to be a wordy girl, rather than a wordless one. But here are some of my favourite moments from last week’s chilly and rainy zoo trip.

Jake with his favourite animal.

Mark, there’s a stegasaurus behind you!


  1. I’m taking the kids to the Calgary Zoo in September! I think they’ll love it. My sister is getting married over the long weekend – I’m not driving out there just to go to the zoo. That would be weird.

  2. Jake has an interesting choice for his favourite animal; it is so many times bigger than him.

    I am just like you. Whenever I joined Wordless Wednesday, I found it a challenge to stay wordless; almost every time I need to say a few things. šŸ™‚

  3. Mrs.Mayhem says

    The photo of your boys holding hand is so sweet! Wonderful!

    My sons used to be such good friends, but at ages 10 and 13, now they’re already trying to hide it like little men. Arrgh! I miss it!

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