Time to Get a Life

Last night I stood on the soccer field in the pouring rain, watching the Green Geckos run, herd-like, after the ball and slipping and falling on the soggy, wet grass. It’s cold here, as it often is in June, and it seems to be sapping my energy and also my personality. On the “news” this morning, the weatherman mentioned that the average temperature for this time of year is 20 degrees Celsius and for some reason this enraged me beyond belief. I wondered aloud how that average was derived, because to average 20 degrees, the temperature must have at some point been above 20 degrees, and when has this occurred?

Note to self: having a heated and one-sided debate with the TV weatherman regarding his data and how he obtains his “average temperature” is neither healthy nor productive. Neither is looking up temperatures for the past ten years on the internet, stopping only when a) your data source goes only back ten years, and b) realizing that you really need to get a life.

Speaking of getting a life, Today’s Parent magazine arrived yesterday and on the cover it says “Surprising Marriage Advice: Get a Life!” It spoke to me. I haven’t actually read it yet, given that I have been busy with normal daily life and also trying to figure out where the City TV meteorologist gets his data, in a crazed way. In addition, I have been writing a piece about sex and I have had a little anxiety about it – people are going to know I have sex! Like the two kids and a twelve year monogamous relationship wasn’t a giveaway. Like I’m actually sixteen years old and trying to figure out how to hide birth control pills from my parents – is a school bag better than my sock drawer? Hoo boy. I really do need to get a life. Plus it’s going to improve my marriage, apparently. Must read the article to figure out how.

The rain has not been dampening the kids’ spirits, happily. We have been busy having a living room campout today, complete with marshmallows stuck on chopsticks and pool noodles, which they have been pretending to swim across the floor with. Very fun. Too bad this wholesome play wasn’t occurring on Monday, when a sweet yogi friend came by with her adorable three-month-old daughter. No, the boys decided they would tell our guest all about their penchant for guns, battles, and killing. Nothing says good mother like having your children talk about how they want to destroy Mickey Mouse, of all fictional characters to choose. Maybe I should go read that Today’s Parent. And also get a life.


  1. June’s average is 20?
    In our city?
    Mmmm Hmmm.
    I’d be pretty happy with 15 (without all the rain) I tell you!!!!!
    Camp outs sound good. Will try that this week before we float away!!

  2. Subspace Beacon says

    I think Mickey Mouse is THE best fictional character to be killed. Well. Him and Max & Ruby. Or maybe Alvin & the Chipmunks.

  3. SB: Max and Ruby! Yes! Also that wretched Miffy. Wait, I was supposed to discourage violence against fictional characters, wasn’t I?

    HG: Supposedly. But, after my (weird, crazy) research I couldn’t find any temperatures above 19. Of course, maybe it’s a 50 year average or something but STILL. We should not be allowed to expect those kind of temperatures! It is misleading. And now I’m mad at Andrew Schultz all over again.

  4. I’m watching Max & Ruby right now! Well the kids are, I’m just enjoying the quiet. It’s the only show that my son ever wants to watch. Lord help me.

    I’ve thought about writing about sex and had the same issues. Which is a little stupid for someone who is in her mid-30s…but I can’t get over my mom reading it.

  5. I agree. On the “Get a Life” thing…but it’s so hard to get a life sometime when, well, when the one you already have keeping popping in the way!

  6. Who has time to get a life? I’m just surviving keeping the four kids fed and entertained.

    If you get a life and tell us all about, then I can live vicariously!

  7. My husband actually read that article! (Heh – he’d kill me for mentioning that.) But he told me later, “we already do most of that anyway. So what should we do know?” And then I said, in a mock-horrified way, “are you saying we don’t have a good marriage?” And then he began stammering and back-stepping and blushing. And then I put him out of his misery and grinned.

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