Everybody’s talking at me

“I just wish I could one day watch the news in peace” my husband complained the other night, over the din of the kids playing and their varying sound effects. I emotionally answered that one day the kids would be gone and moved away and then it would be silent, and sad, and then he could watch the news without interruption. He replied with a curse which I will not repeat, and followed up with a comment to the effect that he wasn’t wishing the kids to move out, he was just wishing them to be slightly less loud for 30 minutes.

This is the fourth consecutive day of cold and rain, and the boys have been in astonishingly good spirits. They have played together, happily and without fighting, not even an argument – cue the chorus of singing angels – all afternoon. They have also been constantly talking all afternoon. I am not exaggerating when I say that there was not one minute of silence all afternoon. Not one minute. It was almost like the children are equipped with a chatter button, and it has been jammed into the “on” position, and the volume has been cranked to “maximum”. Even during activities that might be considered quiet activities, such as colouring and using the bathroom, there has been a constant stream of chatter, along with varying sound effects. Twice today I darted to the bathroom thinking Jake was calling for help, when he was actually just singing.

I’m not complaining though. The chatter has been pleasant enough, and has been nice background noise for my obsessive baking. I guess it’s the weather, but this week, in addition to my regular meal preparation, I have made the following: boule, granola, cinnamon loaf, banana bread, cookies, and three litres of roasted tomato sauce. It has been epic. I started off thinking that I will be out of the house most of the weekend, so perhaps I should prepare a few simple snacks for my husband to feed the kids. It then started to spiral out of control. Fortunately the rain is starting to taper off, as I’m running out of recipes. And room in the freezer.


  1. I gave up watching the news. There was no point. I would turn the volume up and up and up and the kids would get louder and louder and louder to compensate. I now read my news online.

  2. Hi dear
    It is general that all kids are have the naughty and mischief in their childhood.so we don’t shout upon them it they are doing any mistakes and naughtiness.they always deserve the love and love.

  3. I’ve found that the words “I just wish/want” nearly always start a sentence that will make me blow a gasket.

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