…and after we trash Bay Street, let’s go to McDonald’s. I’m hungry.

My husband and I were watching the G20 black-clad anarchist protesters on TV. When the footage showed someone setting a police car on fire and then jumping around on it, he turned to me and said “If one of our kids ever did something like that, I would blow all their education funds and inheritance. I would buy a f**king Maserati and tell them, That’s what your stupidity bought, you little bastard.

I suppose that’s one way to deal with it. In any case, it’s good to have a plan.

The thing about these so-called anarchists that really bothers me, other than, you know, the violence and destruction, is that all of them were allegedly anti-capitalism, meanwhile smashing things with rock hammers and nail guns probably bought from Home Depot. They were all wearing clothes and shoes bought from somewhere, and you just know that those who did not get arrested were later exhilarated and hungry, so ordered pizzas on their iPhones. I mean, if you want to live in a cabin made from logs that you yourself chopped down, heated by a wood-burning fireplace, eating only items you hunted or gathered yourself, and riding your homemade bicycle everywhere while wearing clothes you wove yourself from native grasses, then BY ALL MEANS be an anarchist. If you are not willing to do that, join society and stop smashing things.

Speaking of hypocrisy, this month’s O magazine has a section on different dietary choices, and there is a quote from someone who is a fruitarian. Did you know there are fruitarians? I sure didn’t. Here is the quote:

“I was already a vegan when I came to the conclusion that any form of cooking was killing; that’s when I decided to eat only raw food. But even that meant killing plants, and I’ve always believed plants enjoy their existence…Raw fruit is the perfect solution: The plant lives on even after you harvest the fruit…I’ve now been living happily on raw fresh fruit for 24 years.”

Huh. I stared at that quote for a while and the first thing that popped into my head, other than what the health implications of eating only fruit would be, was where would a fruitarian live? What kind of structure, and what would it be made of? How would it be heated? What kind of clothes would one wear? Would you still write on paper? I’m guessing that keeping a pure fruitarian lifestyle would be extremely complicated, unless you could somehow make clothes out of dried apple peels and avocado skins.


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  2. …. did you see the picture of the one black bloc fella sitting in a burnt out police car eating DONUTS. A whole box .. that he probably looted from the Tim’s after he smashed the glass in. BAH.

  3. memyself says

    I spent the whole weekend wondering where the black block got their hoodies. I’m betting Wal-Mart.

    All fruit? Just weird. I’m passing judgment on that sucker. It’s bizarre.

  4. Your husband’s comment made me laugh right out loud.
    You’re right, it is good to have to a plan.
    Someone has a little TOO much time on their hands to come up with that one.

  5. Subspace Beacon says

    Fruitarian. This person needs psychiatric help.

    Yes. G20 rioters are lacking in irony.

  6. Fruitariansim – and veganism – is silly. Because ANIMALS ARE KILLED IN THE PRODUCTION OF ALL HUMAN FOOD CROPS. All of ’em. Unless you’re eating windfall apples that you pick yourself, I guess.

    I don’t know how removed from agricultrual production people can get that this doesn’t occur to them.

    My presumption is that anyone who shows up to protest the G20 is basically just there to riot. Since the protests have achieved SO much in the past and all.

  7. I have heard of fruitarians. Many of them actually have issues because they’re not eating a balanced meal. There are even idiots that won’t eat fruit unless it falls from the tree. They feel the tree needs to decide to give them the food before they’re allowed to eat it. Apparently one guy starved to death waiting for his fruit to fall – although that may be a myth I haven’t found a reliable source for that.

    My husband knows a guy who lives outside of Calgary who has been stockpiling guns and gold bars for the day that it all goes kablooey. He calls himself an anarchist too.

  8. This reminds me of the Bloom County comic where one of the characters dangles himself from a tree by a rope so he won’t even step on tiny bugs by accident, and another character reminds him that he’s killing micro-organisms by breathing. Or something like that, I don’t remember precisely. What I got out of it is that once you start moving along a spectrum it’s best to find a place to STOP.

  9. A fruitarian? Must have to take an abundance of multivitamins to balance that lifestyle.
    I like Rob’s plan.

  10. People kill me. Fruitarian indeed.


  11. So fruitarians won’t eat any vegetables? For example, green peppers, cucumbers, and green beans grow on plants, and can be picked without harming the plant. Is that any different from an apple? Crazy. There are a lot of weird people in the world (said by the vegetarian).

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