It’s my dog’s birthday!

I used to think that people who celebrated their pets’ birthdays were, how shall I say, a little bit lame. But! That was before we had Barkley, the wonder dog.

Mark is presenting him with his birthday treat. I tried to manually take out Barkley’s red eyes because the photo made him look like a one-headed Cerberus.

What a cute little treat for our little doggie-woggie.

So I also baked a cake. Not for the dog, obviously. The kids were adamant that birthday cake MUST be had. What kind of birthday is celebrated cakelessly? No kind of birthday, that’s what. So yesterday I baked a chocolate layer cake while the snow covered the grass and the wind blew and I wondered if all my flowers would survive or would I be making another trip to the garden center? It turns out they did survive but I was surrounded by a gloomy feeling all day, greatly exacerbated by walking the birthday boy in the blowing cold wearing my winter coat and boots on May 29.

In my twenties, I had a friend who was always sure she never wanted children and she would give her reasons for that decision at the drop of a hat, and one of those reasons was that once a person has children, they become very very boring. They talk about diapers and poop and all the non-unique things that their children do and say. This is probably true of me. I have been known to discuss diapers and poop and hey, I have a blog about my children, so I guess I am fairly dull. I do like being fairly dull, I prefer it to a more dramatic life, it seems.

One of the reasons I know I am fairly dull is that during yesterday’s snowstorm, I had a grand old time cleaning the house. My husband was out running errands, my children were very happily and peacefully (this is relative: they were playing predator and prey with dinosaurs) playing and instead of relaxing with some coffee and a book, I decided the entire house must be cleaned and all bedding must be laundered. How’s that for dramatic thrills and spills? When life gives me lemons, apparently I make lemon-scented disinfectant and scrub the kitchen cupboards. Woot! Anyone want to come over? The house smells like chocolate cake and Mr. Clean. It’s lovely.


  1. I admit I’m not one to celebrate the birthdays of my pets, but I am one to find any reason to have cake. The cake looked good.

    The weather you guys are having has been super crap. West Coast living is where it’s at! 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you. My husband and I often say that we far prefer being boring when compared the the exciting lives of our friends. Cause usually with all of that excitement comes drama.

    Oh, and your dog is adorable. Happy birthday!

  3. Mrs.Mayhem says

    Sounds so homey. Wish my house smelled like lemon-scented cleaning supplies and cake – but I’m far too lazy to make it happen!

    We always have parties for our cats, orchestrated by my kids. They use fancy dishes to set the table (even though the cats aren’t allowed at the table). I think my kids use it as an excuse to have cake, too!

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