Fishing, but not camping.

Another May long weekend has come and gone, bringing with it the chilly temperatures and rain typical of May long, and in Alberta, an alcohol ban in campgrounds around the province, all of which I’m sure made for some unhappy campers. It didn’t affect me though as I am decidedly not a camper. I am not of hardy camping stock. I love the outdoors but I greatly prefer sleeping comfortably within doors, as well as hot, non-coin-operated showers and the ability to apply makeup without being mocked for wearing makeup while camping.

Instead of camping I spent a very large portion of the weekend playing Go Fish. I was running errands and saw a pack of alphabet themed Go Fish cards, and thought, “Go Fish! That will be fun!”, which subsequently circumscribed my weekend. I’m not really complaining though, Go Fish is greatly preferable to the usual endless and arbitrarily ruled games of Bakugan, or the disturbing, circle-of-life games in which I am cast as the peaceful, plant-eating dinosaur who is being stalked and, eventually, killed by the vicious meat-eater.

I know a few parents who avoid spending time with their children, who view family time as some sort of unreasonable sentence and their children an annoying inconvenience. Such children inevitably become horrible little bastards who no one wants to be around which is somewhat circular. And this is so sad because one of the greatest joys of being a parent is creating someone who you can enjoy and want to be with, after all, the days of Go Fish and endless, tedious games of Bakugan and dinosaurs are fleeting indeed.


  1. I am a fan of the theory of camping. The reality of it is another thing. I’d like the take the kids camping but I think my days of sleeping in a tent are over. We need a fifth wheel…

  2. Go fish IS fun. In reasonable increments.
    An alcohol ban? Takes the joy right out of freezing your tushie off.

  3. It warms my heart to hear that someone views their children as more than a vanity project. I have become aware that some of my friends who have kids, or are in the process, don’t seem all that interested in actually spending time with them. I actually found this quite distressing, though I would do the same if I had children (which may be why I’m not). I couldn’t put my finger on why until I read your post. Looking forward to seeing your children grow into the lovely adults they will be!

  4. They are, indeed. And our family favorite is Boggle. Heh.

    Just so you know, I would really, really love your email address. I want to be able to shoot you an email when you make me laugh out loud at your comments. “I expect more from my fictional snipes.” BwwaaaHaHaHa!

  5. Oh my, your last paragraph was so well said, so honest and so true. I couldn’t agree more. This isn’t a chore (even the moments when it might feel like it), it’s a fleeting moment!

  6. Anonymous says

    Thanks Nicole, this post has really resonated with me. I have played a bit more Go Fish in the last two weeks.

    And, I agree with Tonggu Momma, your email address would be nice. I keep posting anonymously but it would be nice to communicate with you directly.

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