The Sun Came Out!

This was the view from my back door yesterday morning:


It’s mostly melted now, but it was snowing and grey for most of the day until about 6:00 pm, when the sun festively came out. Jake’s mystery illness presented itself as a nasty headcold, and I just could not face bundling him up, running through the snow and howling winds, dropping Mark at school, and doing it all over again two and a half hours later, so I decided to keep Mark home yesterday. “If I let you stay home, we need to do some schoolwork”, I said sternly, to which Mark replied, “Oh boy! Okay! What’s my first assignment? This is going to be great!” So evidently my nerdy and bookwormish tendencies have been passed on to the next generation. In fact, the entire day was spent pretending our house was a school. Mark kept asking which “centres” he could play at. “Is the writing centre open? Is the dinosaur centre open? I’m going to set this book aside for the reading centre. Okay? Okay Mom? Okay?”

The other night I was premenstrually sobbing to my husband about the passage of time and how the boys are not going to want to spend time with me as they grow and how I’m just going to be the horrible bitchy mother-in-law everyone complains about and in a couple of years Jake is NOT going to want to grocery shop with me and woe is me, I’m sad. My husband replied cheerily that, not to worry, Mark will likely always want to do math puzzles and crosswords with me, which seems apt, after yesterday’s events. (“Is the science centre open?”).

Ah, it’s all good. Of all the characters in The Breakfast Club, I have always secretly identified with the character played by Anthony Michael Hall – “In the physics club, we talk about physics, properties of physics” – although I had a huge crush on the Judd Nelson character. Ooh, the bad boy. It’s funny how all of the most attractive movie characters are also the ones who would be the worst to be in a relationship with. Take the Ralph Fiennes character from The English Patient, for example. Ralph Fiennes, so yummy, so intense, and yet, imagine being married to the guy. It would be terrible! The guy hardly ever smiles, and forget about lighthearted conversation. “What do you want for dinner, honey?” “I HAVE BEEN WALKING. FOR THREE DAYS.” I know this is controversial, but it would be much more amiable to be married to the jovial Colin Firth character than the sexy Ralph Fiennes character. At least he remembered their anniversary.

Huh. I meant only to write today about the snow, and my bookworm of an older child, and Jake’s miraculous recovery today and how I have a very! exciting! weekend! ahead of me, but somehow I got on the topic of attractive movie characters who would be hell to be married to. So, that sounds like a great game for a Friday! What movie character do you find terribly attractive and yet, you know would not be good relationship material? Ooh, just thought of another one: John Cusack in Say Anything. I know. I know. Controversial. But really, wouldn’t that lack of ambition get to you after a while? Okay, weigh in, this should be fun!


  1. Subspace Beacon says

    On the topic of Colin Firth — I love him in Pride and Prejudice, but I firmly believe that Mr Darcy is a manic depressive. Oh, there but for the lack of prozac a great romantic hero is born…

  2. Good point. I mean, he’s very attractive but also kind of an asshole.

  3. Okay, I am totally a geek, but I am never attracted to the bad boys or the ones that would make bad husbands. My current crush is the teacher, Will Shuster on Glee. He is yummy and so freaking sweet!

  4. I love Say Anything! I don’t think it’s bad to love John Cusack in that movie. He’s only 18 in it. I didn’t know what I was doing at 18. (And actually I’m 35 and still trying to figure it out)

    I love Colin Firth. He’s one of my major crushes. Especially as Mr Darcy.

    Fun Fact: My uncle is in the English Patient. He plays one of the bomb defuser guys (the white guy not the Sikh). He dances around in his boxers at the end of the movie and gets blown up. His name is Kevin Whately.

    I can’t believe you guys had so much snow. It’s nuts. What wackadoo weather.

  5. This one isn’t so much a movie character as a real-life person, but: Bono. So attractive, so bad a combination with my actual personality.

  6. Amber – that’s very cute!!

    Marilyn – I remember that part of the movie! That’s your uncle? Wow! I do love Say Anything, it is one of my all-time favourite movies. Especially at the start when that guy is singing “The Greatest Love of All”.

    Bea – Bono IS very attractive, agree.

  7. Heather says

    Hugh Grant. Any of his characters, or in real life. Just Hugh Grant. Love him, but he’d never commit. Ever. And I couldn’t put up with infidelity. But to have him even once… sigh…

  8. That is just not fair! It shouldn’t snow in “almost May.” I don’t care how far north you live. I’m just saying…

    And I didn’t know about your nieces and nephews. Thanks for sharing that bit of info with me.

  9. Heather: Hugh Grant is very attractive. And kind of gross – I can never think of him without thinking about hookers. You cheated on Elizabeth Hurley, you idiot!!!

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