Style and the SAHM

I have a little something something up at Yummy Mummy Club. It’s all about STYLE and the SAHM. Not an oxymoron. Also a brief description of a really embarrassing, and true, moment. Go check it out, and comment if you can, pretty please. xo


  1. So, I have a question, if I can’t wear my runners (and you have no idea how much that grieves me) what shoudl I wear that is useful for the park and various outings with my guys.

  2. I know. For me, on the fun scale, shoe shopping ranks right up there with getting a full pelvic exam. If I find a pair of shoes I like I wear them for years. Usually I wear shoes with rubber grippy soles for all those outings where I might need to climb something or sprint after someone. For a huge chunk of the year I wear snowboots or rain boots, again with rubber soles.

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