Mmm…George Clooney

Have you seen the movie Up in the Air? If not, I recommend you do so; it is an excellent movie. I say this with authority because I actually stayed awake through the entire film. This is notable because I’m famous – in my own small circle, anyway – for falling asleep and missing the ending of the majority of movies I see. Last weekend we watched Sherlock Holmes and I found the plot not at all engaging, and although I think Robert Downey Jr. is QUITE attractive, I fell asleep an hour before it ended. I have seen the beginning of many, many movies but I’m generally quite fuzzy on how they end, due to my movie-induced narcolepsy. Action movies are the worst. Car chases! Explosions! Special effects! They all result in me passed out on the couch.

The last movie I saw in an actual movie theatre was – hang on to your hats! – Pirates of the Caribbean Part Two, and, of course, I fell asleep probably ten minutes into the movie, waking up intermittently to scenes of scary looking pirate-y things with the arm of the seat jammed uncomfortably in my side. A friend recently asked why I didn’t go to the movie theatre more often – don’t I have babysitters – and really, my reasoning is that my couch is a much less expensive and much more comfortable place to fall asleep.

So that was a highlight of the weekend, me watching a movie from start to finish. Also happening around my house: the Masters. Do you live with a golfer? Or a golf fan? I seem to have married someone who is both of those and the Masters takes on importance even greater than the US Open. He has been following it this weekend, simultaneously wishing he himself was on the golf course – icy winds and melting snow keeping him from doing so – and frequently calling me to the television to watch a particularly good shot. Are they called shots? I’m not sure. Paying attention to the Masters, and other sporting events, is something I do to keep my marriage vital. That is my Public Service Announcement for the day: for a strong marriage, at least feign interest in sporting events. My husband’s related PSA would likely have something to do with providing crazy wife with all the wine she wants, which probably explains why the Scouts looked so excited when they arrived at our house for their bottle drive this weekend. Hooray, our camping trip is funded! A very amusing part of the Masters has been my husband repeatedly muttering expletives about Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods: spokesperson for skankiness everywhere. Speaking of which: have you seen that Nike commercial? Ew. That is all I have to say. Ew, ew, ew.

On that note, I will sign off. Here’s to a positive and happy week! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. I have seen Up in the Air. My problem with watching movies at home is that I’m always trying to multi-task and as a result, I completely miss most of the movie. Up in the Air I actually watched though. That’s how good it was!

  2. I find it difficult to sit through a whole movie because I am a spaz. Not because of sleep-stuff. My hubs find it difficult to sit through a movie with me because I like to provide running commentary. Especially if I have read the book.
    I once watched a movie in a theatre and I was the only one in the whole theatre. I got to talk to the screen as much as I wanted.
    It was lovely.
    LOVE your marriage tip.

  3. HG, I swear we are sisters. My husband HATES my commentary. If I have read the book I usually let him know how much the book differs, etc., that character really wasn’t supposed to be like that, and so on. My favourite movie ever is When Harry Met Sally. He refuses to watch it because I repeat the dialogue. “Sometimes I vary it a little.” “What part?” “What I’m wearing.”

  4. If you stayed awake, then I will definitely have to check it out.

    And thank you for letting me know about your little one’s looks of relief… it is SO reassuring to hear that.

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