Halfway to 70, or Taking the A Train to Cougarville

Tomorrow is my birthday! I am not at all shy about telling people it is my birthday. If it didn’t make me look like I have a mental illness, I would walk around with a tiara and a “Birthday Girl” button, or possibly even a sandwich board. I love my birthday. I don’t mind the whole “getting older” part because hey, who wants to be dead? Not me. So here I am, a day away from being halfway to 70, which is pretty much taking the A Train to Cougarville.

Obviously I am on that train because yesterday I was a volunteer with Jake’s class for their field trip to the firehall! The firehall! Nicole likes firefighters! A friend was telling me about her daughter’s field trip and how great it was with the female firefighter leading the tour; inwardly I was like I am going to be so ripped off if the tour is led by a female firefighter. I mean, girl power and everything, but come on. And what do you know? The firefighters were all male and attractive, which makes for a happy field trip. Also I got to live out my lifelong fantasy of putting on the outfit – is it called an outfit? I don’t know. The boots and pants and coat and things. You know what I’m saying. – plus the oxygen tank, all of which gave me even more respect for the firefighters, male and female, because that gear is HEAVY. I could not take five steps in all that gear let alone RESCUE PEOPLE and carry those heavy hoses and whatnot. I actually said, yes I did, that the firefighters must be in good shape. I said this out loud to a firefighter, which really puts me on Destination Cougarville.

It’s a good thing my loving husband is such a confident man, to withstand my chatter about the firehall. For the record, he is way more attractive than a thousand firefighters put together, firefighting gear notwithstanding. I’m a lucky girl. Or lucky middle aged woman, whichever.

Oh yes, and the kids learned about fire safety.

Ah, but for every high there must be a come down, and so after the firehall visit I had a dentist appointment. A friend posted a poll recently: what would you rather do, have a pap test or go to the dentist. I will tell you, people, I would much rather put my feet in the stirrups with one of those awkward paper gowns on than have my teeth scraped for thirty minutes. Yikes! My very sweet hygienist said, at one point, “You really love that red wine, don’t you?” Yes. I do.

So, it’s a busy busy week, what with MY BIRTHDAY, and a firehall visit, and the dentist, and now tonight is the start of soccer season! It’s actually warm and sunny which feels strange – where is the snow? Where are the gale force winds? So I had better look out my turquoise windbreaker track suit and hop on the train to Soccer Mom Town. I have a lot of cheering to do.


  1. I feel your pain, as a 34 year old mom of 2 boys:) My son’t 4th bday was a firehall tour…why did I volunteer to stay home…I think I missed out:)

  2. I have this OVERWHELMING urge to get you a button.
    Happy Birthday Eve!

  3. Happy, happy birthday!

    I don’t know about the button or the sandwich board, but I would rock a tiara!

  4. Happy Birthday 🙂 I too would have been relieved it was hot fireman giving the tour as well!

  5. Happy Birthday!!

    I totally agree with you re: PAP test vs Dentist. *shudder* I HATE the dentist. Yuck yuck yuck. How anyone could want to BE one (well, besides the kick ass paycheque) I don’t know…

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Yay firehall! Boo dentist. Every time I go to the dentist they remind me that I really should be making an appointment to see the periodontist. Yikes – no thanks. I’m dragging that out as long as I can.

  7. Happy, happy birthday, eh? (And thanks for taking my Canadian jokes on the chin. My best friend is Canadian and she always razes me about being a loud, obnoxious American. And I? Can’t really defend myself. Heh.)

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