Yeah, me too.

Jake, in the car today: “It’s a good thing Tiger Woods is not MY dad.”

Me: silence, trying to digest this comment while simultaneously wondering if watching the news around the children is damaging their psyches in some deep and troubling way.

Jake: “Mom? Mom? I’m happy Tiger Woods is not MY dad.”

Me, realizing silent thoughts are not an appropriate response, and also recalling that it would be wrong and appalling to insert a ribald joke while talking to a four-year-old: “What do you mean, honey?”

Jake: “Mom? I don’t think Tiger Woods plays much with his kids. I don’t really think that’s very nice.”

Me: “I think you’re probably right.”


  1. It’s kind of amazing how much young kids are able to process. Sometimes I watch the news when my kids are around and other times I turn it off. I’m never really sure if it’s a good thing to have on with them around or not.

  2. Wow. What a conversation!

  3. You just never know what they are going to come up with do ya?

  4. Haha thats soo cute!!

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