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Yesterday the boys’ school held an Olympics assembly, and I don’t know if this is indicative of upcoming “ladies’ holidays” but I was completely verklempt the whole time, what with the children’s unabashedly enthusiastic singing of their school spirit song, the ribbon wielding “Opening Ceremonies” dancers, and the mock torch relay, with the ’88 theme music blasting in the background. Not to mention the song about friendship. Consider me weepy.

Weepy, and also amused at Mark’s kindergarten class and their somewhat tuneless performance of a song about courtesy and good manners, set to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”. Mark in particular sang like the Frankenstein monster, but with less emotion. “I was embarrassed to sing that song”, he informed me later. “I’m a Little Teapot is for babies.” The performance was in sharp contrast to the perky and sweet little emcee, who, at its conclusion, chirped “Fantastic singing! Thank you kindergarteners!”

I really enjoy the Olympic spirit, if not the events themselves. Other than some figure skating – click here to see me and David Pelletier! – I don’t watch any of the events. However, since I am married to someone who does follow every event, I generally know what is going on with them. It’s the same reason that I know a lot about the NFL. Immersion, people.

I have a feeling that my immersion level is just going to increase, as the boys are very interested in the Olympics. Currently, they are fascinated by the torch relay. This has led to some very active and loud games in which they brandish a rain stick and a cowbell, of all things, and run around the house in the manner of torch bearers. Unfortunately, depending on the time of day that they decide to run the torch relay, things can deteriorate quickly, as I’m sure you can well imagine given that the torches are a rain stick and a cow bell. Let’s just say that the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play can be somewhat elusive in such a situation.


  1. I’m all kinds of happy that my husband is not a sports fan. It’s pretty nice not to be immersed in something I’d rather not be immersed in. That said, if I had to sit through any sporting events on TV I think the Olympics are the best. At least there’s lots of variety.

  2. Subspace Beacon says

    The torch relay came to my town a few days ago. They lit it w/ a cigarette lighter. There was not even the pretense of lighting it w/ the flame from Olympia! And right there my Olympic spirit died. It’s so sad. Hope I get my Olympic mojo back soon. Or maybe I’d just settle for an Olympic sized mojito.


  1. […] the whole thing, as I realized one of the very first assemblies I’d ever attended was the 2010 Olympic kick-off assembly, when Mark was in kindergarten performing – oddly enough – I’m a Little Teapot. […]

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