Life with boys

Jake (coming in from the backyard): Guess what Mom? Guess what? Me and Mark are making little baby snowmans! Little tiny baby snowmans! They’re so cute!

Me: Aw, that’s nice, Jake. Can I see them?

Jake: No.

Me: Why not, honey?

Jake: Because I smushed them down! I smushed them with my boots!


Mark: Mom, we were making baby snowmen. I made a good one and it melted!

Me: It melted?

Mark: Yeah! Because I peed on it.


    Boys. THey pee on stuff. And stomp on them. They are awesome. And kind of scary.

  2. HA! I am forwarding this to my husband.

  3. Subspace Beacon says


    Ah. Boys. You gotta love ’em. Or else they’ll pee on ya.

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