Happy Halloween

Arrrrgh, mateys. If ye are sailing the high seas, be sure to guard ye treasure. There’s pirates about!

And if the pirates don’t get you, the dinosaurs will.

I was volunteering for the Pre-Kindergarten Halloween party today, and if I was the sort of person to drink during the day, I probably would have a shot. Or two. It wasn’t that bad. But if you put a class of 21 costumed and wired 4-year-olds in a setting where the activities are “decorate your own cookie”, “pin the nose on the Jack-o-Lantern”, “bowling for witches”, and the sedate, but somewhat tear-inspiring “Halloween Bingo”, well, let’s just say an adult-only beverage would have been nice. However. I do not drink during the day (exception is when I am on vacation at my in-laws) so I will be counting down until bedtime.


  1. That’s an awesome pirate and dino there.
    We be having a pirate here tomorrow night as well.
    Hide the bounty!

  2. Halloween is always slow around our neighbourhood. We had 10 kids, but I did meet your husband and kidlets on the street not knowing who they were – very cute, all of them.

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