First Snowfall

This morning I woke up to sweet peas that looked like this:


Mark was the happiest person in the city. He couldn’t believe his luck. That kid loves the winter. It wasn’t long before he was outside shoveling off the deck,

and then eating the snow (check out my poor hostas).

Jake was soon persuaded to come out and eat a bit of snow too.

I’m pretty sure the dog did not pee on it.

It’s so trite to say that young children can teach you so much, but it’s really true. I will admit that my first reaction to snow is not pure, unadulterated joy, but after watching Mark frolic outside I smiled and simply put on a really warm sweater, without complaining. There is this great line in the book “How Yoga Works” after the main character is imprisoned. She says “I will make the inside of the jail the outside of the jail”, meaning that, although incarcerated, she was going to still live her life well, and her inner being had nothing to do with external constraints. I would love to be like that. So I’m greeting the snow not with gloom but with thoughts of happiness and opportunity – at least I’m trying to. After all, there’s something magical about the first snowfall, isn’t there? Even if it is only October 4.


  1. *sigh* Guess it’s time to start digging out the snow gear and getting ready….

  2. Yes, um magical was the first word I thought of yesterday.
    Uh huh.
    That is, if magical rythmes with tap.
    But it’s true, my kids were much mroe enthralled than I.

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