Tomorrow morning we planned to get up early and drive to the Okanagan for the Thanksgiving weekend. I love the Okanagan. I love its beauty, its climate, and most of all, its food. If I lived there, I would be a very smug locavore. Since we planned this trip, months ago, I have been thinking of eating Concord grapes straight off the vine at my in-laws, and fresh Macintosh apples. I have actually been thinking about it for months. Grapes and apples.

I spent the entire day preparing for the drive: laundry, groceries, packing, baking snacks and making sandwiches. The whole day. But then a cold front came in with lots of snow and ice and – travel not recommended in the mountains. Boo. We had to cancel the trip.

The boys took the news remarkably well. But I’m disappointed. I think I’m going to go drink some wine and sulk a bit.


  1. I’d sulk, too. I’m sorry.

  2. That stinks.
    Along with this weather.
    I think the wine is a very good idea!


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