The fat guy in the red suit

Mark and I were reading on the couch, and talking about superheroes and villains. “Of course, this is just a story,” I said, “Sandman is not real.”

“Just like Santa Claus,” Mark replied.

Startled, I looked down at him and he smiled his angelic, gap-toothed smile. I went back to reading about Spiderman and Sandman.

I have a feeling this is not unrelated to the loss of his two bottom teeth. When they fell out, I told him that we could put them under the pillow and the tooth fairy would come.

The fallout from that was tremendous. “TOOTH FAIRY? I don’t want the TOOTH FAIRY to come! I don’t even want a fairy in my ROOM. PLEASE don’t make the TOOTH FAIRY come here!” I looked at my husband a little helplessly. His inspired answer? “Don’t worry, Mark. The tooth fairy is really just Mom and Dad, and we’ll give you money for your tooth.”

Mark was instantly relieved. I, however, was a bit anxious he would shatter everyone else’s tooth fairy dreams, although this has not yet happened. I’m all for being truthful, but is five too young for abject cynicism?


  1. Oh – I struggle with the LIES that we tell about the fairies and elves that bring gifts in the night. My B believes in them whole-heartedly and I fear the day that she finds out, one way or another, the truth. I didn’t suffer trauma from finding out, I just remember that one year I knew how it really was. I hope it’s that way for her too! Sounds like you have nothing to worry about with that stuff. :0)

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