Photographic artistry!

I accidentally stumbled on a documentary about the “Octomom”. I lasted all of three minutes watching eight crying infants, a few tantruming toddlers, and some surly school-aged children. Hoo boy! That sure was awesome.

Mark learned how to take pictures on our camera, and now every day he asks to use it. I uploaded the pictures today, not realizing that he had taken 225 in the past five days. Here are some of his photographic masterpieces.
His own shoes. This is one of a number.
The inside of Jake’s laundry basket, with a single pair of socks. There are about eight of these pictures.

The train table, with both Sir Topham Hatt and the guy running the Sodor crane plunged to their deaths.

And, of course, my personal favourite:

That was supposed to be a picture of the dog.


  1. HAHAHA! Lookin’ good, momma!

  2. I LOVE the pic of the dog.
    225 is more than I take in a month!!

  3. I love their perspective – the way the world looks from his height and what captures their interest.

    Dog picture – ha!

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