My whining post

Here is what has been happening since my husband left for a business trip:

I took the dog to the groomer’s, and found out his adult coat is coming in and matting with his puppy coat. Exceptionally fluffy dog is now shaved, and as a result is acting QUITE bizarre.

I took both boys to the soccer field for practice last night. 70 km/hour winds kept blowing stray balls and unattended folding chairs down the field. I listened to a soccer dad tell me all about his self-published book on Taiwan, but couldn’t hear half of what he was saying because of the howling wind. I have a feeling I didn’t actually miss much.

Discovered, yet again, that the boys are always fine for two days when their dad is gone, but on the third day (i.e., TODAY) they turn into evil goblins who feel it necessary to shriek and whine the day away.

I complained to a very lovely woman about my husband being away, and picking up the slack, etc., to which she replied that she is a single mom and does that and more all the time. I felt like, and still feel like, an asshole.


  1. Oh NO. But how could you know she was a single parent? And, as my neighbors and I always say, one person’s normal is not another person’s normal. You’re not used to being a single parent. It’s OK if you talk about it. And it’s OK if she wants to complain, too, even though it is her normal.

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