Three Confessions That Make Me Feel Weird in the World of Mothers

1) I can’t stand being called “Mommy”. It’s “Mama” or “Mom”. No “Mommy”.
2) I can happily hold someone else’s baby without actually wanting a baby of my own. Yesterday I held my cute little nephew at Easter dinner, and later whispered to my husband “I’m really glad we don’t have babies anymore”. And believe me, this is nothing personal to my adorable nephew, who is sweet and cute and didn’t cry once – not once! – during the three hours we were with him. I just….don’t want any more babies.
3) I don’t want a girl. This is good, given 2). For a long time after having Jake, people (often strangers) would ask me if I was going to try for a girl. Well, a) I find “trying” for a particular gender somewhat offensive – be happy with what you have, people!, and b) I don’t want three kids. I’m good with two. Thanks. I know there are a great many happy families with more than two kids – I myself have two brothers – but for me, two is a good number.


  1. Whereas we were told we could stop after #2 since we had a girl and a boy. (We didn’t stop.) People are weird.

  2. Like Nowheymama, we were also told that since we had a girl and a boy, we could now happily stop. What the heck, people?
    I always thought that I didn’t want boys, but I’ve been more than delighted with my own. But knowing when you’re done having kids is a wonderful gift, too.

  3. I’m sure if I had girls, I would be perfectly happy that way too…

    People are weird!

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