What, did I leave you hanging? I’m happy to report that Mark is 100% healthy and Jake is approaching that point. Mark had one of those illnesses I always hope for when the kids are sick, in that he was feverish, non-eating and sloth-like for one day, and completely well again the next day. I love when that happens! I mean, I don’t love the sick part, but it’s great when the recovery is quick and not like our Christmastime let’s-be-sick-and-have-it-drag-out-for-weeks fiasco. Jake was slightly slower to recover but it seems like they will be able to attend preschool tomorrow afternoon THANK YOU LORD. Because I don’t know about your children, but mine are kind of horrible to be around once they have passed the lying-around stage and are in the getting-our-energy-back-but-have-cabin-fever-and-must-shriek-and-whine-all-day stage. So I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I’m really happy to be over it though, because as I mentioned, I have a birthday party to throw on Saturday! It’s Mark’s fifth, although his actual birthday isn’t for another week. This is the first party where he was really particular about his guest list (“I only want to invite boys. Except you, Mom”.) My lovely, dearest friend is the queen of party planning; her daughters’ parties always have themes, and often destinations, and appropriate activities, whereas I am decidedly NOT the queen of party planning, if you know what I’m saying. But – and who knew! – the internet is just full of party ideas! So we are having a superhero themed party, complete with the afore-mentioned “decorate your own bat” craft, “Mr. Freeze Dance”, and a superhero obstacle course. Also, my mother sewed little capes with each child’s initial on it for a party favour. Let me tell you, it is handy to have a mother who likes to sew and who also likes to do things for her grandchildren. Props to Grandma. This is especially nice since my lovely, dearest friend can tell you I am no seamstress, as well as no party planner. We met in ninth grade and sat next to each other in Home Ec (do they still have Home Ec?) and chatted while she sewed her actually-wearable t-shirt and I ripped out stitches over and over until my t-shirt was a shred of material with holes in it. Also I am completely unable to sew on buttons. I digress.

Thanks for all the finger-crossing, it looks like we will make it until Saturday! That is, unless I commit myself to the asylum from all the shrieking and whining around here. Cross your fingers that won’t happen!


  1. Good luck with the party! And yes, I could not throw a party without the lovely,lovely internet.

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