Thumper’s mother was right.

Last night was Orientation Night for my yoga teacher training and oh, you guys. You guys, I am so excited. I haven’t felt this way for YEARS. I remember picking up my university calendar to choose classes for each semester, and then I would go through the syllabus of each class and it never failed […]

At least we can calculate the volume of a sphere.

It’s a good thing today is Pi Day – pancakes for lunch to celebrate the fact that we can calculate their area! – because otherwise I would be in a complete state of bitchery, rather than a partial one. Time change fills me with impotent rage every year; every year I think of the futility […]

All depressing subjects covered in one blog post.

Perhaps in a foreshadowing to Black Monday, it snowed on Friday! Snow in August isn’t unheard of, but it isn’t exactly typical either. Well, snow melts and markets move and the world keeps on spinning. Fortunately we didn’t have any snow actually stick at our house and my flowers are still alive and well, despite […]

How to survive and thrive in the summer with tweens.

About a year ago, someone posted about how if and when she had kids, she would never, ever schedule “playdates” or other activities for them, especially during the summer, because she had shit to do and the kids should learn to be self-sufficient with their social lives. Don’t you love how the people with the […]

Lettuce pray.

This morning I got home from yoga a bit earlier than normal, at about 6:20, and this is what my back yard looked like: One hour later I took “weed the garden” off my to-do list. Well, the snow’s stopped now and I’m sure it will be melted by the time I pick the kids […]

It’s the Ultimate Pi Day! And other fun topics.

I’m so excited for tomorrow; it’s the Ultimate Pi Day! 3/14/15!!! ππππππππππ all day long. Maybe I should write this entire post in Greek letters for celebratory reasons. We are having a celebration of another sort tomorrow; it’s Mark’s birthday party. This afternoon is dedicated to party preparation: Jake is tasked with cleaning up the […]

The joys of tween boys.

Tweens, am I right? Parenting tweens is – I’m discovering – a funny business. There’s the newly found need for space, the sudden interest in girls, the need for me to tell the kids to GET OUT OF THE SHOWER, IT’S BEEN TWENTY MINUTES. There’s some emotional outbursts, although from what I can glean from […]