Bumper Stickers and Big News!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and because there is no semi-holiday that goes by uncelebrated by sugar cookies, I spent some time this morning cutting out round cookies. Heart-shaped cookies have been deemed too embarrassing for words, but round cookies? With bright pink buttercream and heart-shaped sprinkles? Perfectly acceptable. I was getting ready to frost them when […]

Friday Fun

It’s a PD day. It’s 9:09. I have had approximately nine cups of coffee. In related news, this post will be in point form. COPA Cabana As many (most?) of you know, I work at Yummy Mummy Club, or YMC, both as a writer and a twitter-er. Imagine my excitement when, at the Canadian Online […]

Back to school, back to school, to prove to my dad that I’m no fool.

I know it’s the big “first day of school” for a lot of you, but we are already into our second week. The boys were pretty happy to start school last week; we are all enjoying that “back to routine” feeling. The children have been relentlessly quoting Billy Madison: back to school, back to school, […]


My husband has taken three consecutive weeks off of work this summer. Such a thing has never happened before. The result was we spent five days at the lake with my parents – during which we left the kids for a night and road-tripped to Jasper, just the two of us – then after less […]

Robbing my children of joy and wonder since 2004.

It’s only 12:45 and I feel like I’ve already accomplished SO MUCH today; one of those accomplishments was “going to Costco.” I have discovered the key to non-frustrating Costco trips – other than Shopping Cart Karma – and that is to go more frequently for fewer things. Of course, this would not be feasible if […]

As we enter the tween stage, my plants shall be my babies.

Yesterday, Jake had a field trip – to a movie theatre. Apparently there is a film festival going on – who knew? Not me. – and his class was slated to see a movie called The Seventh Dwarf, which was, obviously, all about fairy tales and reimagining of traditional fairy tales. According to Jake, it […]

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Sears Style

This weekend was a whirlwind of Christmas cheer activities – there are only FOUR WEEKS until Christmas, people! We actually put the tree up even though it seems early, even for me. This coming weekend is massively busy, and I cannot and will not go into December without the tree, and so this weekend was it, even though it’s […]