Nicole’s Favourite Things: It’s The Little Things Edition

We said goodbye to my father-in-law this week. He passed away after a long illness and will be very much missed. To many people he was a larger-than-life character, the life of the party, a legend, but to me he was the man who welcomed me into the family with open arms. He and I […]

Is it time to panic yet?

My word, it has been a long week, hasn’t it? It feels like it should have been Friday for days now. It’s not over yet by any means; not only do I have a three hour class tonight, but in just over an hour I will be on a school bus, chaperoning a field trip […]

Howard/ Nicole The Duck

One benefit of keeping an old school blog for the past eight years is that I can easily see patterns in my own life. For example, every single fall I feel like I’m careening off the rails a little bit, in terms of busyness, and yes, we are all busy and tired and whatnot, no […]

Black Moon Day

We are all tired. Is there anything more boring that can be said than I’m tired. We are all in a permanent state of – at the very least – low-level tiredness. This is just a part of being an adult; if you had a room full of people, and asked them how they felt, the vast […]

Nicole’s Favourite Things: Beachy Keen, Jelly Bean

We are having a heat wave! It’s hot and sunny and it’s supposed to break and be rainy just in time for the weekend. We are in the midst of re-staining our deck; I am doing a little bit every day to take advantage of the hot weather. Hopefully it won’t rain all weekend so […]

Who cares about eyebrows?

Remember that old Seinfeld episode wherein Jerry and Elaine are trying to set George up with Elaine’s friend Cynthia? Elaine is talking about all of Cynthia’s good points, and adds that she has great eyebrows. Jerry: Who cares about eyebrows? Elaine: Women KILL for eyebrows like that. Do you know that? I mean, women pluck […]

Practicing non-attachment, except when it comes to clothes.

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you are just so super-productive and motivated that you find you are marvelling at yourself? That was me, this weekend. I don’t know if it’s a Spring Cleaning Urge or a Nesting Without The Pregnancy thing, but I just had that feeling that I needed to […]