Bringing Sexy (or Blogs) Back, Festivus Style

So far, Christmas vacation has been epic. EPIC. On Friday, after coming home from yoga in minus-JC-it’s-cold temperatures, I declared a lazy day and decided that we would not be leaving the house. Instead, I cracked the big bottle of Bailey’s and glugged it into my coffee. Thus armed, I watched The Price is Right with the boys, and it was Firefighter Day. I repeat, Firefighter Day. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better than that, I remembered I had two avocados in the kitchen and then made myself a double batch of guacamole for lunch. The boys had pancakes, and – other than my Santa tummy from three coffee and Bailey’s and two avocados’ worth of guacamole – it was pretty much the best day ever. Today I plan on making a giant bowl of popcorn and watching Elf with the boys. “Things busy for you?” Dr. Hipster asked this morning. “No,” I replied, “I’m embracing sloth.”

Today is Festivus, for all you Seinfeld fans, and so in addition to being slothful I am also going to air my grievances. It’s been said, lately, that blogging – story telling, personal blogging – is dead. Dead! While I recognize the surge in popularity of review and giveaway blogs, I am not writing this from beyond the grave. Let’s take back the blog, people.

While writing last week’s book post, my friend Allison and I were talking about how fun it was to do memes, old school memes, and it is my personal resolution to bring back the meme. Bringing sexy back, in meme form. Since it’s two days until Christmas and I’m a sloth, I bring you…

Meme Monday: Festivus Television Version

1) What is your favourite Christmas television special and why?

The original How The Grinch Stole Christmas. No contest. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. Exactly.

2) What is your least favourite Christmas special and why?

Ugh, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has always held least-loved spot in my festive television viewing world. Poor Rudolph – the story is terrible, and the creepy clay-mation…I’ve never made it through an entire viewing. I’d rather watch the news when they report on December 21 that “Malls Expected To Be Busy Today” followed up by “Airport Also Expected To Be Busy.”

3) What is the Christmas movie you cannot live without?

Elf and Christmas Vacation, of course. These are viewed annually, along with Little Women and When Harry Met Sally. As a side note, I’ve reached the point in my marriage where my husband will no longer watch these movies with me. The boys will watch Elf, but other than that I’m on my own. Apparently my husband has “bought the cow” and he no longer needs to romance me by watching me recite all the dialogue to When Harry Met Sally. If anyone needs me I’ll be on the couch with my DVD’s and some guacamole.

4) Name a Christmas special from your childhood that is so obscure you’re not even sure it exists.

Does anyone else remember The Little One, or is it something I have made up in my jasmine of my mind? It was a show about a donkey who was no longer good at…doing donkey things? I don’t know. He was heading for the slaughter house, I guess, but SOMEONE bought him because he was perfect for a job. That job was carrying Mary to Bethlehem. I feel FAIRLY certain I watched this at Sunday School. Has anyone else even heard of this or did I just make it up?

5) Name a “very special” Christmas episode of your favourite childhood television series.

This is hard, because I remember so few things from my childhood – except for those I may have made up, i.e., the donkey movie. Also I didn’t watch much television as a child other than The Muppet Show and Lorne Greene’s New Wilderness. However, I do remember watching Silver Spoons – remember that show? – and there was a Christmas special about a family living in a CAVE because they had no money. Did this show really happen or did I dream it? I DON’T KNOW EITHER.

So it’s your turn! Christmas memories, TV style. Bring back the blog, people, and sexy too, while you’re at it. Or just Festivus-ly air your grievances.

Merry Christmas to all of you, dear readers. xoxoxo


  1. That donkey thing *was* a TV special, and also a story and a song. I don’t think I ever saw the TV show but I read the book a few times as a kid.

    This was fun! Here’s mine:

  2. Hmm. My first two are almost identical to yours and I can’t think of anything for the rest. I might have to skip this one. Or lie a lot. Wah!

  3. Sara Hawkins says

    Fav television special – the original grinch.
    least fav-Rudolph, it really creeps me out.
    Movie I can’t live without – Muppet’s Christmas Carol. It is my absolute fav!
    Obscure – something about a matchstick girl who is really an angel? I think it was a book turned into a movie. It was depressing because she died.
    Childhood – I have no idea. I know I loved Full House, Family Matters, etc (remember TIGF people?) So one of them?

    • I remember that, I think it was called The Little Matchgirl. She had to sell matchsticks so the family could stay alive and she’d be beaten if she didn’t, but ended up dying of exposure? MERRY CHRISTMAS. Jeeeez.

      TGIF! I do remember that! Fun!

  4. Merry Xmas, Nicole and family! xo

  5. Steph Lovelady says

    We own 8 or 10 Christmas specials and watch them all every year. On my first turn to choose I chose The Grinch, but I love them all, even Rudolph, though sometimes I wish that instead of saying, “It would be an honor, sir,” when asked to lead the sleigh he gave Santa a piece of his mind. We went to see Muppet Christmas Carol in a theater this year and it was great fun.

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