Mermaid flounces and acid-wash jeans. Oh my.

Wednesday night I had a bit of a scratchy throat, which I chalked up to my School Council meeting; waking up Thursday morning feeling like I’d been run over by a bus, I realized this was not the case. I get sick so rarely that I always feel a little affronted by it, like my immune system has become a grave disappointment. On the urging of my husband, I took Advil Cold and Sinus at four hour intervals, and then spent the day either frantically typing out recipes and uploading food photos or passed out in a stupor, depending on where I was in the medication cycle. You know it’s bad when you sit down to rest a little and wake up an hour later in a puddle of drool with one side of your hair completely flattened.

I went to bed last night at 7:30 and woke up at 6:45 and while I am certainly not completely myself, I am feeling better, so that’s something. I feel like I could write some kind of medical manual: just sleep lots! And eat guacamole! You’ll feel better in no time. I probably have as much medical credentials as some of these people who purport to have all the answers in the “wellness community” but ah, I’ve already said too much. No need to start a war.

My cousin’s daughter posted photos of herself the other day, modelling dresses for her upcoming (well, in the spring) graduation from high school. I stared at the photos for a while, realizing that 1986 is now back with a vengeance. If there’s anything that makes a me feel like I’ve been around the block a few times, it’s being faced by a fashion repeat from my youth. I wondered if mermaid dresses with lots of flounce and colour are indeed back in style, and a quick search on google tells me that it’s true. All the pieces fit.

Photo from

 So, there’s that. Next thing you know we’ll be seeing acid wash jeans and pegged ankles…oh wait. We’re already seeing that.

Before you think I’m being all uppity and judgey based on clothing choices, here is a photo of me at my high school graduation – cropped to protect the innocent.


Please note the dyed-to-match clutch I am holding, also the wrist corsage. Not shown: dyed-to-match shoes. If 1986 mermaid gowns are in fashion right now, then maybe early 90s gowns should be in fashion when my middle niece graduates high school. I hope I still have this dress, maybe she’d want to have it. So shiny!

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving weekend! We should all list the things we are thankful for. I guess I’m thankful for the fact that I no longer think I’m the bee’s knees while wearing a red satin off the shoulder gown, or a light denim jacket that perfectly matches my light denim jeans. Personal growth.


  1. Hey now, I still wear a denim jacket with jeans sometimes, because the Canadian tuxedo never ever goes out of style. 🙂

    • Canadian tuxedo – why have I never heard that term before? I thought that would apply to more of a lumberjack jacket and jeans, but I’m no expert!

  2. What I remember about 80s clothing is bright colours (that lavender is very 80s) with many matching accessories (hat, earrings, necklace, clutch, gloves AND 12 bracelets). If your cousin’s daughter wants to go for the full 80s effect, she needs to hem her dress to mid calf (or better yet thigh high in the front, and calf length in the back) so that everyone can see her custom dyed, closed toed, shiny PUMPS.

    Damn. I hope she doesn’t do that.

  3. KIND OF LIKE THIS? I mean, the accessories are wrong, but “high low” dresses are a thing.

  4. Medication cycle?! HAHA…like the circadian rhythm of the weather. I’m the master. I can teach you the ways oh wise child in red. Is that why you bought the red sweater? Flashbacks?
    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m wearing pink sweat pants. Also sexy attire.

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