It’s only Tuesday? We’re all going to die!

Here’s a view of our backyard; the kids are in their pajamas because someone who is not me took the kids out in only their pajamas to take a picture of the giant snowball that they made. 

What a weird day.  It’s only 2:15 and it has just been a strange day.  I keep reminding myself, alarmingly, that it is only Tuesday.  It’s Tuesday and it’s the first day of soccer, and the kids are actually meeting for a practice on the snow-and-ice-covered fields.  When I heard that, my first reaction was something along the lines of We’re All Going To Die, but I’ve since been assured that the practice is going to be more of a “meet and greet” than an actual practice.  I’ve also been told that Mark needs cleats, which he does not have, and for some reason it had not occurred to me, despite weeks of working on the soccer schedules.
While on a normal day it would be easy for me to run out and purchase a pair of cleats that is not the case today as I’m home with a sick, feverish Jake.  It seems that Mark’s mystery illness was of the contagious variety.  I was up for most of the night with Jake, who was burning up with fever and then instantly vomited when I gave him Tylenol to bring the fever down.  Don’t you hate that?  Here, take this medicine.  This medicine which will make you barf. 
So I am exhausted and I have weird hair and I’m wearing “at home with sick kid” clothes and I was interviewed by CBC with regards to education budget cuts.  I can barely string three words together, I’m so tired, but I agreed to the interview because it was supposed to be on the radio.  The chance of someone I know listening to this interview seemed slim to me; but they brought a TV crew.  So me and my weird hair and my eye bags and my non-functioning brain will be on the news tonight.  Whee.  I just hope I don’t look like a ranting Charlie Sheen,  with speech therapy and class sizes rather than porn stars and tiger blood.
I’m so tired.  I can’t believe I lived six years of my life with extreme sleep deprivation/ constantly interrupted sleep.  Two pregnancies in 18 months, newborns, toddlers, and the fact that my youngest did not “sleep through the night” until he was four and a half years old adds up to six years of exhaustion.  How did I live this way?  I guess I didn’t realize how poorly I was functioning until I actually started sleeping like a normal person.  You know when you have a newborn and you think “Wow, I’m really doing well on two hours sleep!” but really, you’re insane?  You think you’re functioning well but really you burst into tears when you run out of peanut butter and you think that everyone is out to get you and anyone who so much as sneezes in public is plotting against you and your precious baby.  I recall sobbing in the grocery store because I was there with my infant and one-year-old and the baby was crying and the carryout person reached over and put his soother in his mouth.  A stranger!  Put her hands in my baby’s face!  Her filthy carryout grocery hands!  We’re all going to diiieeeee!
I’m sure I’ll get some sleep tonight.  In the meantime, I am going to go dig out my giant winter coat and Sorel boots and get ready for soccer! 


  1. Boy, do I hear you.

  2. Outside, in the snow, in pjs…only a man would do this.

  3. Hope you can get some sleep!

  4. Uh, I’ve totally let my kids go outside in all weather in pajamas – I have a list of things that are ‘guy things’ to do, and I didn’t know that was on it. My bad. Also, I bet you were completely WINNING that interview, you MAGIC WARLOCK TROLL or, um, whatever. Hope all the snowing and barfing and stuff goes away soon.

  5. What a day. I hope the sun comes out soon and you get some sleep.

    You were on TV? How exciting. Except for the fact that you weren’t prepared for TV. I bet you did great.

  6. You are so right about the sleep. I am sorry to hear I am going to miss the CBC TV interview. Maybe I can catch it on satelitte.


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