Cool Things People (who are not me) Do

The other day, someone asked me how my bread making was going. This poses the question: if your New Year’s resolution is to bake bread, and you bake bread one time, does that mean your resolution has been fulfilled? In actuality I have baked bread four times, thank you very much, and each time they have turned out very tasty. I had visions that I would bake bread every weekend – not all bread consumed by our household, but weekend dinner fancy bread. But – fortunately for me, unfortunately for my lofty bread goals – I discovered that my friend, an artisan baker, was selling his wares at a market near my house.

I have a soft spot for this friend because a) his bread is unbelievably delicious, b) he practices early morning yoga with me at the Yoga Shala, and c) his girlfriend is an independent film maker who was indulgent enough to allow me to be an extra in one of her short films! I’m a movie star! I always wanted to be in a movie, and in this you can briefly see me doing a Sun Salutation and also stretching. Total movie star, no? AND, thrillingly enough, her film is going to be shown at the Sofia International Film Festival. I told my mother this and her response was “Wow, a lot of people are going to see your feet!” Yes, my feet figure prominently in one of the shots. At least I had given myself a pedicure prior to this.

Where was I?

Oh yes, bread. With my friend’s bread so incredible and convenient, my own bread making fell by the wayside. Every week he would offer something different: sourdough with poppy seeds, crusty whole grain loaves, cheese bread, and the most amazing cheddar and olive breadsticks. I could eat those breadsticks every single day for the rest of my natural life. But an incredible opportunity has arisen for this couple – they are headed to a Buddhist monastery in Nepal for him to build a restaurant and organic garden, and for her to document the experience for a movie. That is fairly amazing to me, a person who makes numerous lists just to leave the house, and who takes weeks to figure out what to pack for a six-day vacation.

So, I guess I’m back to baking my own tasty-but-much-inferior bread. Is it totally selfish of me to be just a teensy bit sad?


  1. Bread is one of my top favourite foods. I’ve made my own bread too. And while it was delicious I usually take the easy way out. It sounds like his bread was fantastic! How cool that they’re off on such an adventure. It makes me a teensy bit envious when I hear adventures like this.

  2. Get your husband interested in baking. It’s been great for our family!

  3. Ummm, bread.

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