School’s Out for Summer!

It was the last day of preschool today, but don’t worry! I am not going to regale you with some melancholy post about the passage of time, boo hoo, my kids aren’t at preschool anymore, boo hoo, I have to figure out some good summer activities, etc. Instead, I’m going to regale you with some odd and entertaining events in my day today.

1) I asked the boys to draw pictures of their teachers to attach to our year-end gift. After completing his portraits, Jake, whose artistic skills are, shall we say, not entirely developed yet, looked at said portraits, and announced that they really looked more like a lion and an octopus, rather than our beloved teachers. Truly, this was the case.
2) I walked by a large patch of lily-of-the-valley in bloom, and the scent reminded me of my grandma. I used to give her lily-of-the-valley talcum powder for her birthday. I wondered, if I’m ever lucky enough to be a grandma, will my grandchildren give me lily-of-the-valley talcum powder? Or will I be more of a lavender grandma? Will they even still manufacture talcum powder then? Or will it go the way of the housedress and lisle stockings?
3) As I was walking the dog, I was ogled by a City of Calgary Waste Management employee. Hoo boy! Is there anything more uplifting to the spirit than being catcalled by the garbage man?

Here are the boys on their first day of school:

And here they are on their last:



  1. You’ve still got it, sexy momma! 😉

  2. It’s pretty evident that they are way happier on the last day of school.

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