Breaking News!

On Breakfast Television today (or what I refer to, in quotation marks, as “the news”) there was a shocking headline “Sleep deprived moms more likely to suffer postpartum blues”. Really? Really? That’s astonishing. Isn’t sleep deprivation used as a form of torture? They probably practice it on Gitmo. Oops, sorry, I briefly forgot my “no politics” policy. Take a look at the life of a new mom: life-changing upheaval, crying infant, massive hormonal swings, soggy t-shirts, and a house in disarray. Add in the inevitable exhaustion and sleep deprivation and yes, I suppose you could say it all equals postpartum blues. Not sleeping for more than two hours at a time will do that to you.

But this is the same “news” that brought me the following information: the key to financial success is to live within your means. I’m not sure we needed a financial expert to tell us that; we could have just talked to my grandpa.

I’ve been feeling bluesy myself today, but it’s not the postpartum kind; it’s the kind that precedes what is referred to in yoga circles as “ladies’ holidays”. At least I think that’s what it is; hopefully I’m not just lethargic and crabby for no reason. Now I’m going to go eat a handful of chocolate chips, and cry. Have a good weekend everyone!

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