Party Week

With all my romantic mushiness leading up to my seven year itch, I neglected to report on the status of the superhero party. I had a few misgivings the night before the party – I was a little concerned since we had a few, how shall I put this, different personality types attending – but it was a great success. There were no tears, all the kids were excited about the games, the crafts were a hit, and there were no birthday boy meltdowns! So all was grand. The secret to success for a boy’s party seems to be physical activity. Keep the kids running or dancing around, and everyone is happy. My husband set up an obstacle course in our basement which kept six boys under the age of five happy for thirty minutes, which I think must be some kind of record.

The only thing left to do now is enter into a cupcake making frenzy. The March birthday celebration at the preschool is on Friday, and we are having a family party on Sunday. Mark’s actual birthday is not until Monday, at which time I think we will be all birthday-ed out.

How many birthday celebrations are too many? I overheard one of the boys’ friends saying “Mark’s bringing cupcakes on Friday! It’s his birthday again! I guess he is going to be six!” With that logic, I suppose he will be eight by Monday. Talk about growing up fast!

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