February’s Over, Yay!

There’s something about February, despite the shortness of the month, which makes it feel really long. Maybe it’s the arctic climate that does it, and the fact that it is still a really long time until spring. But nonetheless, here we are, in March!

The weekend wasn’t much fun because I’m husbandless for the majority of the week, and as experience has indicated, the anticipation is worse than the reality. In other words, everyone was out of sorts all weekend long. The boys were super-sensitive and weepy, and I was feeling sour, not the least because my dear husband chose Saturday to tell me about the company golf tournament in Jasper for a weekend in June. Honey! Let me get through the week’s absence before we talk about you leaving again! And for a golf tournament no less. Anyway.

But he’s gone now and the boys and I are settled into our usual routine. I know that there is a parenting sect that disapproves of routines and schedules, but I am all for it. Nothing is quite as comforting to me and the kids as our routine, mundane though it might be. Since today is Monday, our routine includes – hold onto your hats! – Cleaning the Entire House. I know what you’re thinking: what a crazy life she lives, and how do I get that kind of life? Truly though, I don’t find cleaning that oppressive. A not-insignificant number of my friends have a “cleaning lady” but that is something I just wouldn’t spend money on. (A personal chef? Now THAT is my dream. I would spend a lot of money on that. Alas.) For one thing, my house just isn’t that big. More importantly, the boys love to help with various household chores, and I think it is particularly vital for boys to develop the necessary life skill of Cleaning the House. I think it’s important that they learn hey, washing the floor and cleaning the bathroom is a good and necessary thing, and one that doesn’t just happen on its own. Also it’s cute to see them, so intent with their Swiffer dusters and the vacuum, busy as bees, focused on Cleaning the House, because it’s Monday.

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