Vomit and lasagna

Last night we had some friends over for dinner. We had some great conversation, the topics ranging from the global economic situation to vomit. Yes, between bites of delicious spinach lasagna and sips of lovely cabernet, we discussed our children and vomiting. And that is how you know that we all have young children: our complete immunity to the grossness of bodily functions. I remember, pre-kids, having lunch with a co-worker who discussed in great and specific detail the particulars of his daughter’s toilet training. I was revolted! Who ever would discuss that over a meal? What kind of sick person thinks that it’s okay to discuss bowel movements while eating? But something happens when you have kids, it’s like the part of your brain that controls the “eww” factor dies. I always laugh when non-parents talk about diaper changes with consternation and revulsion, because once you’ve changed your first couple hundred diapers, nothing in said diapers can faze you anymore.

But what we were really talking about were milestones. The milestone in particular that we have passed with Jake is vomiting in the toilet. Oh happy day, when children no longer barf all over themselves and the floor, but actually go into the bathroom and throw up in the toilet. It is, to me, a milestone that is right up there with putting on shoes and the ability to drink from a cup with no lid. Certainly cause for celebration, a celebration with maybe a delicious spinach lasagna and a lovely cabernet.

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