McSteamy of the Preschool

Yesterday was the preschool Valentine’s party, and it appears that Mark is the class dreamboat. I’ve never really liked Valentine’s Day – and this is definitely the subject of a different post – but I love the way young children celebrate it. I love choosing cards with the boys for them to distribute (Iron Man for Mark, dinosaurs for Jake). I love getting the class list and having the kids make out cards TO EVERYONE, so no one is left out. I love how they make envelopes to collect all their cards. I love making heart shaped cookies and cupcakes with heart sprinkles. But what I really love is looking at the kids’ Valentine cards. This year, they were really hilarious. Jake got so many “You’re cute” and “My friend” cards, but Mark’s were all the “XOX” and “Kiss Me” and “I Love You” variety. Truthfully, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I would never have thought twice about it, had the moms of several girls in the class not given me a head’s up. “Marina didn’t really want to give out cards to most of the boys” her mom mentioned, “But she has a special message for Mark!”

Let’s just say that Mark is popular with the ladies. Last year he told me that certain girls were always following him around; this year he complains that they try to kiss him in class. We ran into a friend from his class at the mall, and she stroked his arm as she cooed (I’m not kidding) “I just LOVE the Cars movie” which is certainly music to his Cars-obsessed ears.

The secret to his allure is his total indifference to girls. Ah, there’s nothing quite as attractive as indifference, is there? Being hard to get? Apparently it all starts at preschool. As Mark himself puts it “Chelsea really likes me, but I’m not really interested in what she likes to do”. My husband and I joke about this a lot, imagining him and his unfortunate future girlfriends, girls who will earnestly pour out their hearts to him, to which he will respond with something along the lines of “I think I need to get an oil change”. Poor girls.

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