Where would we be without informercials?

So Rob is at a hockey game tonight, and I just finished my standard “Rob’s not here” meal of pita and Greek salad, I’m counting down to bedtime while my children are, strangely enough, playing a game in which they are hammering something – what? – through the holes in their play workshop, and laughing in a shrieking, hyena-like way. I’m looking forward to wine and maybe an episode of Jeopardy and NYPD Blue. I’m also laughing about Mark’s new obsession: just in time for his birthday (okay, it’s seven weeks away) he has been taken by a new commercial. Remember how I said the kids are largely unaffected by commercials? Well, I was wrong. They just needed to see the right one. Mark really really REALLY wants a “Sham-Wow”. It’s a miracle chamois that can clean up an entire spilled can of cola, should you spill an entire can on your carpet. You can wash ANY vehicle with Sham-Wow, and that vehicle will shine like the sun. “But Mom, you will never have to buy paper towels again if we get the Sham-Wow”. Good to know.

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