Play that funky music

If you were to ask me on any given day what (if any) song was in my head, almost always the answer would be some theme song from a children’s television program. Most days, I will be going about my day, humming “Toot and Puddle, what a day for adventure”, or the much catchier “Overture! Curtains, lights!”. (Toot and Puddle – if there is a better children’s show on television, I would like to know what it is. And how can you not love Bugs Bunny? Except of course the fact that our dinnertime conversations now include comments like “I like this spaghetti. I am going to blow it up with a cannonball!”). These themes are highly preferable to the “Wonder Pets” or “Backyardigans” themes, which had a tendency to haunt me in my sleep, and which I’m thankful the boys don’t really watch anymore.

The past couple of days have found me humming actual songs that I chanced to hear (and are now probably going to haunt me in my sleep). The first is the Pina Colada song (does that song have an actual name other than the Pina Colada song?). Upon listening to this romantic ditty, I realized that I am actually the exact opposite of the individual described in the personal ad. In other words, I would have been un-dateable in the 70’s. It’s like how I used to think of myself as somewhat of a free spirit, when in reality I am incredibly rigid. Or how I used to think it would be great to live and work in NYC, when in reality a) I hate crowds, b) I love gardening, c) I can’t stay up late, and d) the thought of packing myself, let alone myself plus two kids, into a shoebox of an apartment gives me eye spasms.

The second song circling my brain is “Bust-A-Move” by Young MC. Yes, “Bust-A-Move”. The sad thing about this is that I actually know all the words. I have to think that this is a large waste of brain space. Really, it’s taking up room for information that I really should have in my brain. Information like, is it okay that my four year old thinks it would be funny to put his brother in a dehydrating machine, and then pour water on him so he is back to normal? And if this is not okay, should I start rationing the Bugs Bunny?

So here it comes, the question of the day – what song is going through your head right now?

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