Is this day thermal-spray-worthy? Probably not.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where the contraceptive sponge was discontinued, and Elaine stocked up on them but had to screen each of her potential sexual partners to ensure that they were worthy of a sponge? I’m having that issue right now, but with hair products.

I haven’t written a “Nicole’s Favourite Things” in a while, but I wish I had sung the praises of Abba’s Thermal Styling Spray, because I’ve been using it for years. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. This is the single greatest styling product of all time, but when I was in the salon a few weeks ago, my hair therapist mentioned that there seemed to be a Problem With The Supplier and she thought it might be Discontinued. She mentioned it to me with some degree of urgency, and said she was looking into Alternatives But Had Yet To Find A Good One.

Panic At The Disco.

I have one bottle in my possession, and I am hoarding it like nobody’s business. I’m now wondering what occasions will be important enough for me to use it. Coffee with the girls? Volunteering at the school? Visit with the in-laws? Good-looking plumber coming over to fix my kitchen tap?

The answer is “none of the above.” I’ve been only using some kind of flexible hold spritzer that I got at the drugstore as a stop gap measure. I’m not sure what occasion will warrant me using the thermal spray, but I sure hope that my hair therapist finds a good alternative soon, or it will be a lifetime of merely-adequate hair days.

Speaking of hair, I was at Costco the other day, and the man who checks the carts and receipts at the exit gave me a big wink and a smile. He was sixty-plus, with a friendly face. “Red hair is my favourite,” he said to me, “And I love yours!” Well, I thanked him very much, to which he responded, with a nudge and raised eyebrows, “I suppose you’re going to tell me it’s all natural.” People, I was moments away from making a “carpet and curtains” joke, when my “inappropriate” siren went off. Note to self: making a ribald joke about matching the carpet to the nearly-retired cart-checker at Costco is inadvisable. Instead, I responded with a laugh and a comment about the feistiness being natural, anyway.

The whole reason I was in Costco, besides getting frozen fruit, was to look for sheets. You know how there are some areas of your life that you just find yourself being overly frugal? That’s me with sheets. I may have enough yoga wear to clothe the entire studio on any given day, but when it comes to sheets, ours were so old and had been laundered so many times that they were literally starting to fall apart. The edges of the sheets and pillowcases were frayed, and the sheets themselves were getting worn to threads. And yet, I kept thinking to myself, they’re still good. They’re fine, really.

Long, boring, and completely “who gives a shit” story short, I bought some new sheets and they have been life affirming. Every night I say to my husband, “Look at the sheets! Aren’t they glorious! They’ve changed my life!” And because he’s a patient man, he nods and says “Go to sleep now, you’re starting to not make sense.”

My reluctance to buy new sheets is probably related to my reluctance to throw out the one-centimetre-square piece of soap in the soap dish, because I can still wash my hands with it if I lather hard enough. I know. I know. I blame my mother, whose ability to repurposeĀ freezer bags is legendary.


  1. I am the same with sheets. Even though I love new sheets, and new high-thread-count sheets are even better, I am strangely hesitant to replace sheets until the ones I have are LITERALLY disintegrating around me.

    Actually, who am I kidding, I’m the same with everything. I don’t replace things until Michael throws me out of the house yelling “STOP WEARING RAGS, NO ONE IS MAKING YOU DO THAT.”

  2. I am in a constant struggle against my (and my husband’s) unnecessary frugality with toilet paper. It’s worth it to buy the good stuff – you use it multiple times each day, and the gap in quality between premium toilet paper and the cheap stuff is SIGNIFICANT. We can AFFORD the good toilet paper. Bite the bullet and PAY the extra $6!

  3. I love the term “hair therapist.”

    Our sheets are getting similarly worn, but my husband is spoiled and has to have the expensive ones. Costco may be the answer.

  4. I’m with you on the little frugalities. I do that with soap, too, use the tiniest pieces. And I re-use ziplocs. What I do with sheets is this– because the bottom sheets always wear out before the top sheets, I just buy new bottom sheets in patterns that go with the top sheets. Right now on the bed we have a dark blue and white floral pattern on the bottom and solid light blue on the top.

  5. Okay, first let me say, Steph’s plan to buy new patterned sheets to go with the still-good top sheets is BRILLIANT. Totally doing that, assuming I don’t forget all about this idea the next time I go to buy sheets, which will likely be in 20 years, because I am the same.

    Frugality is only half the reason, though. The other half is that I just don’t know what to do with the old sheets. I can’t give them to charity because they are falling apart, but to throw away such a massive bundle of cloth seems so wrong. I could turn them into rags for my husband’s workshop but he already has every old towel and t-shirt we have ever owned which is more than enough for him to do about 1000 home projects and never run out.

    Maybe a bonfire would work???

  6. I keep sheets until one day I crawl into bed and when I pull up the top sheet my foot LITERALLY RIPS THROUGH IT. What is WRONG with us, people? Just throw them in the donation bag and let the fabric pickers take them and then someone ELSE can throw them out for us.

    I’m not sure what thermal spray is, but I HATE when stuff I use on my hair or face is discontinued. Don’t they understand what’s at stake?

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